15 Digital Marketing Trends For 2021

Well, before we get into specifics, you should know that digital marketing is needed nowadays if you want to compete. 

It’s exceedingly rare nowadays that a business will get by purely on traditional marketing means and, given how inexpensive establishing a digital market presence can be, there’s no reason not to get your brand online and onto the screens of thousands of potential customers. 

As we said, it also gives your brand access to a treasure trove of data that you can use to target, adjust, and tweak your marketing strategies.

So, what are these benefits?

  • You gather data on your consumer base.
  • It encourages good SEO practices.
  • It allows you to establish a brand voice.
  • It’s more fluid than traditional marketing strategies.

Let’s expand on these points so that we can all understand what makes digital marketing a beneficial addition to a marketer’s arsenal.

We’ve already mentioned how data is gathered via digital marketing and how you need to be aware of the relevant laws regarding your business, but what we haven’t covered yet is what that data is actually useful for. 

With digital marketing, getting to know your consumer base is faster than ever, and it’s all condensed into quantifiable metrics that you can use to gauge your progress and make improvements. Picking your targets is much easier when you have all this information at your fingertips.

As part of this data, digital marketing more or less requires Search Engine Optimization. SEO ensures that your brand can even be found in the sea of businesses vying for the average customer’s short attention span. 

Optimizers make great digital marketers because of this shared skillset and, conversely, using SEO for digital marketing builds a valuable skill set that can be applied to all kinds of projects that require an internet presence.

When establishing a brand presence online, the intimate and conversational nature of social media is ideal for getting close to consumers while finding your brand’s voice. 

The brand voice has always been important for marketing since the way your business presents itself is key to relating to potential consumers, but the need for this has increased tenfold. 

As we said above, you need to stand out, so find a voice that’s appropriate but different from what everyone else is doing and keep it consistent across all of your business-related communications online.

Ironically, though you have more data to work with than ever before, digital marketing is actually easier than a lot of traditional marketing strategies in terms of the logistics needed to get a project off the ground or change it mid-flight. 

Part of this is the omnichannel capabilities we’ve mentioned, where it’s easier to cast a wider net to attract many people, plus everybody moves through the internet at a rapid pace and so advertising on just one platform won’t work.

That said, there are other challenges that come with the freedoms that digital marketing offers. 

For example, yes, you’re able to communicate directly with potential customers via social media, but the best marketers then need to ask questions like “what time of day is best to post” along with other concerns regarding the content of messages and how this will change depending on the site. 

For example, Twitter has a stricter character limit, Facebook has great group functionality, and Instagram is image-based.

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