Technology (Alone) Is Not Going To Transform Your Business

Chief Executive Officer at InMoment, overseeing the transformation of brands’ customer feedback into overall business improvements.

While I consider myself to be relatively tall at 6’2”, no matter what pair of Nikes I lace up, I’m never going to be able to dunk a basketball (at least on a standard rim). All of the foam, air bubbles and precision engineering in the world are not going to change this simple fact. At my mid-40s, this is a sad truth I’ve come to accept.

Many business leaders believe that purchasing the right technology — the right pair of kicks if you will — is going to solve all of their problems. “If only we had Clari, we’d be able to forecast more accurately and close more deals.” “If we purchase Zoom, we’ll communicate better.”

But the truth is, you can’t rely on technology to solve problems that can’t be

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