We are a digital marketing agency in NYC that specializes in social media management and growing accounts on social channels. With our own 2M followers on social media, we know a thing or two about social media branding, content development, follower growth, community management and account engagement. We specialize in making brands explode on social media, changing the brand perception, popularity, authority, industry partnerships, and conversions. We work with brands from establishing branding guidelines all the way to making the company into one of the most relevant and popular within its niche on social media.


Our creative directors work with a brand in establishing a voice, i.e. brand DNA, and communicating firm’s story to the audience via original, engaging, and memorable content. Our branding includes development of tone, colors, and themes throughout all social media channels in order to ensure consistency.


Once the branding has been completed, we work with company to develop content that is in line with the branding guidelines. Our team of content developers include photographers, models, influencers, makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylists as well as the editor for the final touch ups.


Our account managers use the content developed by our creatives to organize it into a content calendar and then come up with creative captions to accompany the content. The focus on metrics behind certain hashtags, the tone of the captions based on branding, and optimal times to share the posts on social media accounts. They also act as community managers to maintain the engagement of the account by answering direct messages, responding to comments, and even liking back some of the content that has been shown extra TLC by the account followers.


Our influencer partnership manager works on influencer partnerships to grow accounts following. We are a digital marketing agency NYC that guarantees 10,000+ organic follower increase based on relevant niche partnerships with different influencers. New followers further amplify the popularity of the brands by acting as “ambassadors” and offering “word of mouth” marketing to their friends and family based on the new content found interest in the brand.


The final result is a complete transformation of the brand on social, including new and established recognition, improved positioning for future influencer and industry (business) partnerships, and increased website traffic plus conversions.

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