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Undergraduate Student

You’re a first-time student OR student with college transfer credits OR a student who has previously attended SUU and not in need of English language training.

Application Information

Submit required supporting documents securely .  For admissions questions, contact intladm@suu.edu. Once you are admitted, you will be sent a letter of admission and an I-20. You will then schedule a visa interview to obtain your visa to study at SUU. The following information will be required of all foreign students who are applying for admission to Southern Utah University.

1. Application

Apply for Admission

Pay required $60 application fee (U.S. currency only), $35 for returning students.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Semester – July 1st
  • Spring Semester – November 15th

NOTE: At least 1 month is required for school processing, express shipping, and embassy appointment.

2. English Proficiency

Proof of English

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DS-160: Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application

The DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form, is for temporary travel to the United States, and for K (fiancé(e)) visas. Form DS-160 is submitted electronically to the Department of State website via the Internet. Consular Officers use the information entered on the DS-160 to process the visa application and, combined with a personal interview, determine an applicant’s eligibility for a nonimmigrant visa.

Visa applicants must submit a completed DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application for all nonimmigrant visa categories, including applicants applying for K visas. (Note:  For K visa cases in process at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate prior to October 7, 2013, review the limited exceptions explained in the FAQs below.) 

Review the Frequently Asked Questions for instructions about using the DS-160.

Access the online DS-160 by clicking: Consular Electronic Application Center website.

Important Notice to Visa Applicants: After you have completed the DS-160, you must take these next

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Using Web services for application integration

Web services is the silver bullet for business-to-business communications. This article explores this concept using the function/method-oriented integration pattern.

Web services will play a major role in function/method-oriented integration, which is one of the most commonly used patterns for enterprise and business-to-business application integration. In this article, I discuss how XML Web services can be used for function/method-oriented application integration; how leading application frameworks (Microsoft .NET and Java 2 enterprise edition [J2EE]) provide support for it; and scenarios where this integration pattern should be used using Web services.

Function/method-oriented integration
Function or method integration involves the direct and rigid application-to-application (A2A) integration of cross-platform applications over a network. It can range from custom code (COBOL, C++, Java); to application programming interfaces (APIs); to remote procedure calls (RPCs); to distributed middleware such as TP monitors, distributed objects, common object request broker architecture (CORBA), Java remote method invocation (RMI), message oriented middleware

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How to Write an Application Letter (With Examples)

Occasionally, employers prefer to receive an application letter for an open position instead of a resume and cover letter. You may use this letter when you’re applying for a job where your personality is especially important to the role. An application letter reflects more details about you as an individual, while a resume outlines your professional skills and experience more. In this article, we explain how to write an effective and engaging job application letter.  

Create a Resume on Indeed

What is a job application letter?

An application letter is a standalone document you submit to a potential employer to express your interest in an open position. The job application letter explains who you are as a professional and an individual. The letter should highlight your achievements and skills, helping to get the attention of the hiring manager or recruiter responsible for reviewing applications. When written well, this letter explains

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What is An Application (Application Software)?

An application is any program, or group of programs, that is designed for the end user. Applications software (also called end-user programs) include such things as database programs, word processors, Web browsers and spreadsheets.

Image: Application Software Diagram

Figuratively speaking, applications sit on top of systems software because they are unable to run without the operating system and system utilities. Systems software consists of low-level programs that interact with the computer at a very basic level. This includes operating systems, compilers, and utilities for managing computer resources.

Application Delivery Mechanisms

Developers have many different options for getting their applications to end users. In decades past, nearly all applications were installed directly on the users’ PCs and/or servers.

Today, many applications are delivered as Web applications. The code for these applications resides on a Web server, and users access the application via a Web browser. Common examples of Web applications

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definition of application by The Free Dictionary

But as this work is chiefly recommended to those who know how to read it, and how to make the good uses of it which the story all along recommends to them, so it is to be hoped that such readers will be more leased with the moral than the fable, with the application than with the relation, and with the end of the writer than with the life of the person written of.
This is, however, a kind of horse-medicine, which requires a very robust constitution to digest, and is therefore proper only for the vulgar, unless in one single instance, viz., where superiority of birth breaks out; in which case, we should not think it very improperly applied by any husband whatever, if the application was not in itself so base, that, like certain applications of the physical kind which need not be mentioned, it so much degrades
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Definition of Application at Dictionary.com

the act of putting to a special use or purpose: the application of common sense to a problem.

the special use or purpose to which something is put: a technology having numerous applications never thought of by its inventors.

the quality of being usable for a particular purpose or in a special way; relevance: This has no application to the case.

the act of requesting.

a written or spoken request or appeal for employment, admission, help, funds, etc.: to file an application for admission to a university.

a form to be filled out by an applicant, as for a job or a driver’s license.

close attention; persistent effort: Application to one’s studies is necessary.

an act or instance of spreading on, rubbing in, or bringing into contact: the application of a compress to a wound; a second application of varnish.

a salve, ointment, or the like, applied as a soothing

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