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How do electronics improve productivity?

Electronics have changed the way we do business. From calculators cutting the time it takes to compute by hand to Internet cloud services making file sharing easier than ever, electronics have helped boost productivity, efficiency and safety in and out of the workplace.

Inside your office you can set up a reliable network with information backups and security measures that provide everyone with access to critical information, use CRM software to organize your customer base and install collaboration software to help streamline projects. Try boosting the IQ of your office with smart devices like voice assistants, smart cameras and a smart thermostat which can be the key to improving safety and energy efficiency. As far as making connections outside your place of business, you can set up video conferencing and virtual meetings to connect around the globe in person without leaving your desk.


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Computer Desks for Every Workspace

Computer desks are an important piece of office furniture; the main attraction, the main event. They’re where a laptop sits, where a CPU is attached to a monitor (or more), and where countless hours of work are completed. A computer desk has to be the right size, the right style, and within the right budget, to fill the needs of the user.

Desks That Fit Any Space

As you start looking for a new computer desk, either to set up an office or to replace your old desk, you first want to measure your workspace or home office. Desks for computers vary in depth (from very narrow up to almost 120 inches), and in height (from just over 14 inches to more than 72 inches). Desks also range in width, from less than 30 inches to more than 60 inches. Within these dimensions, computer desks

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If you run or manage a business, you know how important it is to have a go-to source for office supplies. At any given moment you might need pens, paperclips, printer ink and toner. You shouldn’t have to run around to various stores to pick up each individual item. Even if you don’t operate a business, chances are you too go through office products on a fairly consistent basis. Paper, pens, pencils, filing folders and Post-It notes are all common household staples. Grab those products you’re constantly misplacing or running out of, along with school supplies, at our OfficeMax store at 1834 NW 9TH STREET in CORVALLIS, OR.   

Find More Than Just Your Standard Office Supplies

When you search for an “office supply store near me,” chances are you expect to find a store that sells your typical ink cartridges, pens, pencils, paper and manila folders. However, that’s not what

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Compare Desktop Computers – Office Depot & OfficeMax

Desktop computers handle a variety of functions, which makes gaming, surfing the Internet and working fast and efficient. With many different styles to choose from, desktop computers are versatile machines for virtually any home, office or dormitory. Desktop PCs and All-In-One models are loaded with storage space to hold songs, videos or important documents, while gaming computers with plenty of memory deliver high speeds to help during epic battles. An HD monitor offers stunning visuals for watching movies, playing games and working on presentations. A desktop computer will make it easy to transition between work and play. Check out a large selection of desktop PCs to enjoy an enhanced multimedia experience.

Desktop PCs

Desktop PCs provide more than just the basic requirements. Many desktop PCs are preloaded with features such as a well-known operating system, connectivity options and other applications. Most PCs have wireless connectivity built in, so you can

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