asp.net web api – What is the difference between a web API and a web service?

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Web Services – that’s standard defined by W3C, so they can be accessed semi-automatically or automatically (WSDL / UDDI). The whole thing is based on XML, so anyone can call it. And every aspect of the service is very well defined. There’s parameters description standard, parameter passing standard, response standard, discovery standard, etc. etc. You could probably write 2000 pages book that’d describe the standard. There are even some “additional” standards for doing “standard” things, like authentication.

Despite the fact that automatic invoking and discovery is barely working because clients are rather poor, and you have no real guarantee that any service can be called from any client.

Web API is typically done as HTTP/REST, nothing is defined, output can be for eg. JSON/XML, input can be XML/JSON/or plain data. There are no standards for

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Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media

The difference between digital marketing and social media is that social media marketing is just one of the available channels of digital marketing. Many people believe that by engaging on social media they are doing digital marketing but this is not 100% true, there are many more channels to utilize in a digital marketing campaign.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing process of building awareness and promoting a brand or product online using all available digital channels.

The major components of digital marketing are:

Online Marketing ChannelsWebsite marketing, SEM (search engine marketing – includes SEO and Pay per click advertising), mobile marketing (i.e. Google Play, Apple Store), email marketing, online banner advertising, video marketing, and Social Media marketing.

Offline Digital Channels – Television, Radio, SMS, digital billboards (indoor and outdoor)

The diagram below shows exactly the relationship of the different components that make up

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Difference Between API and Web Service | by anwar samer

anwar samer

API vs Web Service

API and Web service serve as a means of communication. The only difference is that a Web service facilitates interaction between two machines over a network. An API acts as an interface between two different applications so that they can communicate with each other. An API is a method by which the third-party vendors can write programs that interface easily with other programs. A Web service is designed to have an interface that is depicted in a machine-processable format usually specified in Web Service Description Language (WSDL). Typically, “HTTP” is the most commonly used protocol for communication. Web service also uses SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC as a means of communication. API may use any means of communication to initiate interaction between applications. For example, the system calls are invoked using interrupts by the Linux kernel API.

An API exactly defines the methods for one software program

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Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: what’s the difference?

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: what’s the difference between the two and which one should you use? Selecting the right marketing type is an age old question on every marketer’s mind. Here’s everything you need to know.

Illustration by OrangeCrush

What is digital marketing?

Put simply, digital marketing is using digital channels such as websites and social media as tools for marketing communication.

If you’re using social media you will be well versed in the adverts that pop up in your stream—that’s digital marketing.

What is traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing on the other hand involves traditional channels, like billboards and printed media. Think Don Draper in Mad Men brainstorming TV commercial ideas and copy for Coca-Cola.

Up until the development of the internet in the 1990’s, traditional marketing was pretty much the only type of marketing.

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: what’s the difference?

The main difference

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What Is The Difference Between Web Services and APIs?

Web services and APIs are two of those overlapping tech terms that regularly get confused. You might have even heard these words used interchangeably, but are they even the same thing?

While they do have some overlap, web services and APIs are two different concepts. If you need a quick and simple explanation, we’ve got you covered. In previous articles, we broke down the difference between microservices and APIs, SDKs and APIs, and today we’ll do the same for web services and APIs!

Note: There is some disagreement among developers on what exactly defines a web service or API, and how the two differ. We’ve done our best to stick to the facts, but bear in mind that everyone has their take on precisely what these concepts refer to.

What Is an API?

The term “API” stands for Application Programming Interface. If you break that down word by

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