Effects of Covid-19 on digital marketing

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic had upended the projections of every business and digital marketing is no exception. The health scare factor accelerated the need to shift gears, pronto.

The transition to remote work prompted by the social distancing measures has created the need for virtual marketing of brands, customer interactions and basically conducting overall business. The crippling impacts in the early couple of months during the first wave of the pandemic have been long-lasting and potentially permanent in case of certain businesses.

Take, for instance, a few clothing manufacturers quickly pivoted to creating and distributing masks to the public, while select distilleries galvanised their entire operations to producing hand-sanitiser in response to a spurt in demand.

On the digital front, several brands took to various social media platforms, offering free tutorials or lessons, free trials, or providing engaging and entertaining content to draw the attention of people who

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