e-Waste Electronics Recycling Website

The following items are free to recycle:
  • Televisions
  • Computer Monitors
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Cell Phones

We also recycle washers, dryers, printers, VCRs, and other miscellaneous electronics for a small fee.

Contact Us for pricing on any other items.

The following groups may recycle for free:
  • Households
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Schools grades K-12
  • Small Business with less than 50 employees
  • Small Governments
  • Special Districts
Electronics have become more and more prevalent in our everyday lives. As today’s new gadgets quickly become yesterday’s old technology, we’re left with the question: what will happen with the old stuff?

The amount of electronics finding its way into landfills is shocking. The US EPA estimated that in 2009, over 82% of end-of-life electronics went to landfills and incinerators. Mercury, lead, cadmium, and other hazardous and toxic materials can be found in Electronic Waste. We take pride

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Electronics Recycling & E-Waste Recycling

Southern California’s Top Electronics Recycling Center

California Electronics Recycler has been recycling electronics in Southern California since 2009 and has grown tremendously over the past years. We are located in the heart of Orange County in the city of Gardem Grove.  California Electronics Recycler has helped thousands of businesses and companies recycle their old and unused electronics. If you work in Southern California and need to recycle your electronics please contact us immediately, and you may qualify for a Free Pickup.

Why is it Important to Recycle Your Electronics?

With the rising amounts of e-waste America is experiencing, laws and regulations are continuously increasing. Due to these increasing regulations the necessity for electronics to be recycled properly and safely is more important now than ever before. At California Electronics Recycler, not only do we make the process of recycling your electronics quick and easy, we also abide by the laws

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Las Vegas Electronics Recycling



About Us

Nevada State Recycle is a Las Vegas approved electronic recycler.  Our mission is to guarantee the safe and environmentally friendly recycling of electronic waste from households, businesses and corporate companies including hotels & casinos throughout the Las Vegas valley.  We strive to achieve this goal by providing an assortment of electronic waste recycling solutions and collection services.  All of the electronic materials and components we receive are recycled in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards.  We guarantee that no hazardous electronic waste will ever go into a landfill, providing a cleaner and healtier environment for Las Vegas.




What is “E-WASTE”

Defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “e-waste” is an informal name for electronic products nearing the end of their useful life.  Computers, televisions, VCRs, copiers, printers, keyboards, cell phones and batteries are common electronic waste.  Many of

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Shenzhen SEG Electronics Market: The Complete Guide

The cheap prices of electronics in Shenzhen have been attracting penny-pinching Hong Kongers for years but now tourists, unimpressed by the small savings on electronics available in Hong Kong, have started venturing north of the border to take advantage of the cheaper price tags. For the best selection, head straight to the massive, and at times overwhelming, SEG Electronics Market.

About SEG Market

Reckoned by some to be the biggest market of its kind on the globe, this is a supersized version of Hong Kong’s many computer markets. The SEG Electronics Market is officially on the first ten floors of SEG Plaza, named for the Shenzhen Electronics Group. However, SEG Electronics Market and SEG Market are also used to reference the area surrounding the Plaza building. It’s impossible to accurately estimate the number of sellers but it is certainly in the high hundreds. The fact that stalls are run as

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