Learn About Being a Digital Marketing Manager

What does a digital marketing manager do?

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing long-term digital marketing campaigns as well as short-term advertising techniques. This role requires being adept at enhancing brand awareness, driving traffic to the company’s website and generating sales leads. A digital marketing manager oversees the marketing team and provides support in several areas, such as:

  • Identifying and testing new digital platforms and tools
  • Using web analytics tools to monitor site traffic
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media and digital advertising
  • Tracking consumers’ purchase behavior

Average salary

Digital marketing managers are typically full-time employees, though some may work part-time or remotely. Salaries for digital marketing managers vary depending on their level of education and work experience as well as an employer’s industry, company size and geographical location.

  • Common salary in the U.S.: $59,492 per year
  • Some salaries range from $14,000 to
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Learn Digital Marketing – Online Course

Digital marketing is one of the most crucial elements of growing a business. On this 2-week course by Accenture, you’ll explore the world of digital marketing and learn some of the best digital marketing strategies.

Become a pro at SEO, email marketing and targeting customers with advertisements, as you prepare to kickstart your career as an entrepreneur.

Discover digital marketing strategies such as pay per click advertising

At the start of the course, you’ll learn what digital marketing is all about, discover why it’s important for businesses, and explore some digital marketing strategies. You’ll learn the 5 aims of digital marketing and witness a day in the life of a digital marketing assistant.

You’ll understand what pay per click (PPC) advertising is, discover whether it’s an effective tactic and learn the differences between PPC and banner advertisements.

Learn SEO strategies and email marketing tactics

Discover what search engine optimisation (SEO)

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Learn Web Services: Design, Create, Consume & Secure SOAP and REST

Bharath Thippireddy is an Entrepreneur, Software Architect and Public Speaker who has trained 400000 + students across the planet. He is Oracle Certified Developer, Web Component Developer, Business Component Developer, Web Services Developer.

He loves learning new things both in technology and personal development and shares them on YouTube and his web site. He have mentored students in class room trainings as well as in the corporate world both in India as well as in USA. He has spoken on technical topics at several agile conferences. While in India he also voluntarily teaches interview and soft skills at Vivekananda Kendra.

His trainings will help you master Full Stack Development using Java,Python,JavaScript and DevOps, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes.

From 25 Courses which currently have 400K+ Learners you can pick a track and master

Spring Boot Project Development using Angular and React

Angular and React project creation with Java or Node backend


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Digital Marketing Degree Online – Learn SEO, PPC & More

Digital Marketing Degree Online Program Overview

Establish brand identity and increase organizational sales when you adopt technologies that have revolutionized the marketing industry. Targeted strategies, pay-per-click advertising and optimized copy let marketers reach the right customers for their products and services, and data-driven results create opportunities to fine-tune marketing plans even more.

When you earn your online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing at SNHU, you develop the tools to master the mobile environment, specialize in social media and evaluate the metrics that lead to stronger campaigns.

Digital marketing isn’t about getting your advertisements in front of everyone. It’s about targeting a niche audience that’s most interested in your product or service. Through your specialized online degree, you’ll learn digital marketing strategies in a simulated environment that primes you for a modern business career.

Learn how to:

  • Use digital marketing strategies and analytics to
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The 8 Best Places to Learn Digital Marketing Online

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If you’re wondering where to learn digital marketing online and the best ways to do it, you’re in the right place.

Digital marketing is one of the best careers to get into right now in terms of hiring demand and pay. And I’m going to share multiple online marketing courses, plus other ways to learn this valuable skill.

We’ll start with courses, because online courses are the best way to learn digital marketing if you don’t have friends/colleagues already in the space.

This field is evolving FAST so you’ll learn more up-to-date info in an online course versus a book or university program.

Here are the best online courses in digital marketing…

8 Best Courses to Learn Digital Marketing Online

1. Digital Marketing Career Blueprint


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What Are Web Services? Easy to Learn Concepts with Examples

You can’t mention the term “web services” nowadays without immediately evoking references to Amazon Web Services or Google’s Web service, Google Cloud Platform. There’s a reason for that, though. These tech giants have raised the bar by addressing the need for application development. And scale from the likes of Amazon and Google is exactly what makes modern web services possible.

However, despite all of its technological advancements, web service testing and processes are still complex animals. Since they depend on operating systems to manage applications, the smallest of variances can result in multifaceted workflows when trying to move data between servers and the cloud, which can throw a wrench into your ecosystem and application integration strategy.

But with APIs, web developers can integrate advanced functions and features into apps, allowing for much better customization and flexibility. And the end result is a better experience for users and customers. They reap

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