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Digital Marketing Manager job description template

Digital Marketing Manager responsibilities include:

  • Planning digital marketing campaigns, including web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising
  • Maintaining our social media presence across all digital channels
  • Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns

digital marketing manager job description

Hiring a digital marketing manager? Sign up for Workable’s 15-day free trial to post this job and hire better, faster.

Job brief

If you live and breathe digital marketing, we want to talk to you. We are looking for a Digital Marketing Manager to develop, implement, track and optimize our digital marketing campaigns across all digital channels.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

You should have a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Digital marketing managers will work with the marketing team, supporting teams (such as programmers), and vendors to launch campaigns on time and on

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Learn About Being a Digital Marketing Manager

What does a digital marketing manager do?

A digital marketing manager is responsible for developing, implementing and overseeing long-term digital marketing campaigns as well as short-term advertising techniques. This role requires being adept at enhancing brand awareness, driving traffic to the company’s website and generating sales leads. A digital marketing manager oversees the marketing team and provides support in several areas, such as:

  • Identifying and testing new digital platforms and tools
  • Using web analytics tools to monitor site traffic
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns, including email marketing, social media and digital advertising
  • Tracking consumers’ purchase behavior

Average salary

Digital marketing managers are typically full-time employees, though some may work part-time or remotely. Salaries for digital marketing managers vary depending on their level of education and work experience as well as an employer’s industry, company size and geographical location.

  • Common salary in the U.S.: $59,492 per year
  • Some salaries range from $14,000 to
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What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

What does a digital marketing manager do? What skills does he/she have to possess and what is the difference between a digital marketing manager and an SEO?

From SEO to Digital Marketing

The term digital marketing is relatively new although the components that make up digital marketing have been around for a long time.

It’s only in the last 5 years or so that marketers, SEO’s, and the industry as a whole realized that for a complete Internet Marketing strategy you need something more than SEO.

Thus the term ‘digital marketing’ started receiving more attention and as with every other profession, there is always a place for a ‘manager’.

I work as a Digital Marketing Manager the last years and what I will try to explain below is what is the role of a digital marketing manager in today’s online world, what does he/she do and what is the main

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