Top 23 Internet Providers in Vallejo, CA

Vallejo Residential Internet Coverage

As a business owner, resident, or employee in Vallejo, you benefit from the various internet service providers that provide coverage to this area.

Both DSL and fiber are offered by AT&T, a company that includes all of Vallejo in its coverage area. Their service map runs from northern neighborhoods like Chabot Terrace to southern neighborhoods like Glencove. Service runs from western areas like Carquinez Heights to eastern areas like Columbus Parkway.

Through Xfinity, all of Vallejo has access to high-speed internet. The northern part of the service map includes areas near Severus Drive, Sonoma Boulevard, Phoenix Circle, and Borges Lane. Service stretches down to the southern areas of Fulton Avenue and Columbus Parkway.

Much of Vallejo can get internet through Sonic.net, with the exception of the Carquinez Heights area.

The vast majority of Vallejo is in the New Edge Networks service area, including the western neighborhoods

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