The Best Digital Marketing Agencies of 2021

What are Digital Marketing Firms?

A digital marketing agency or firm provides your company with a convenient one-stop-shop for both online marketing as well as advertising services. A digital marketing agency will carefully evaluate your website traffic and then determine the most suitable online platforms for you to invest. A digital marketing firm also continually maintains the delicate balance between your various marketing activities and initiatives and the results that they provide.

Note that most of these agencies provide you with a complete suite of web marketing services. These services can range from SEO (search engine optimization) to PPC (pay-per-click) advertising and a lot more. Like many creative agencies, digital marketing companies care about design and your brand aesthetic. However, note that they often differ in the core sense that their main focus usually lies in the technical aspects.

For instance, a digital marketing agency will often consider design aspects of your site from a discoverability perspective. This means that when designing your website, the agency will think of branding, SEO, and how they can get your site to rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages).

One of the main benefits of working with a digital marketing company is that more leads will convert to customers. And this means long-term revenue growth for your business. And a full-service digital marketing firm does much more than offer all the digital marketing services needed to advertise and market your business. These agencies also deliver an integrated and effective strategy that incorporates all these different services.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Firms

In 2020, it is no secret that there are many opportunities for companies of all sizes to use digital marketing to engage consumers as well as generate growth. In fact, did you know that 68 percent of in-house marketing teams prefer to work with a digital marketing agency?

Also, you should keep in mind that even if you’ve an in-house marketing team, that does not necessarily mean they can manage everything. Here are some reasons a digital marketing company can be one of your most profitable investments, especially in the long run.

Get Measurable Results

Note that because of their specialization and expertise in digital marketing, these agencies can provide you with valuable analytics and timely reports that give you an accurate and tangible measure of the different results that you are achieving through their marketing services.

While digital marketing may seem abstract, note that a professional online marketing team will be able to expertly assign accurate and tangible values to your campaign in order to prove the effectiveness of their approach.

Many reporting tools, like Google Data Studio, allow internet marketing agencies to transform the complex data that they have collected into visual and simple-to-understand reports. Also, the agency will ideally be willing to walk through these reports with you and summarize the results.

Cost Effective

According to research, businesses that rely on digital marketing agencies to create their online marketing strategies for them tend to have a considerably lower cost per sales lead compared to companies that either manage their own marketing or decide to focus on various alternative marketing strategies for their business, like outbound marketing.

Get Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

A reliable agency will also have access to the latest software, superior tools, and analytical data. This will help your business to increase efficiency, profitability, productivity, and performance. And, you will not need to trawl through the internet for hours in search of your software.

Get New Ideas

Note that a digital marketing company has its fingers on the pulse of important market trends. They can help you, regardless of what business or industry you are in. Specifically, a reliable marketing agency will provide you with these benefits:

  • Ideas and perspectives on which marketing initiatives can work best
  • New and unbiased perspectives and opinions on the digital market
  • In-depth analysis of target audiences and their behaviors

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Firm?

Have you tried to juggle your internet marketing? Either you are doing what you tend to do best — focusing on the core aspects of your business — or you are losing countless hours on social media and trying to determine why your site will not work well on mobile platforms. Let’s be honest. You need a reliable digital marketing agency to succeed.

For many people, the choice often comes down to budget; however, getting the most bang for your buck isn’t always about choosing the cheapest provider. While a quick web search can easily give you many company names, how do you choose the best one for your business needs? How can you differentiate between high bills and high conversion?

Here are some things that you should look for when choosing the digital marketing company that is best for you.

Adaptable and Innovative

In this competitive environment, you cannot afford to be one step behind. You have to keep up with your competition or stay one step ahead. You know that marketing is always changing. For example, radio was big, and television was huge. However, now, social media is at the forefront of online marketing, and video is the most consumed content. This is why you need a marketing agency that can adapt and keep up with the changes in the market.

Scalable and Flexible

You probably wouldn’t wear a one-size-fit-all suit to an important meeting with your biggest client. Similarly, when picking a digital marketing firm, why would you choose an agency that tries to sell your organization cookie-cutter solutions? It is better to look for a digital marketing company that will tailor their offering and services to your specific business needs and preferences. Also, they must respect your company as a unique entity that you have worked so hard to create and grow.

An effective digital marketing firm should also be able to manage the following:

  • Social media advertising (ad campaigns, boosted posts, audience/targeting management, and reporting)
  • Social media management (content creation, content scheduling, and posting, responding to messages and comments, and reporting)
  • Link building campaigns
  • SEO strategy as well as content optimization (such as on-page SEO)
  • Content marketing (writing, strategy, images, and optimization)
  • Local SEO (Google My Business management, optimization, and reporting)
  • Technical SEO (301 management, audits, Google Search Console reporting)
  • Email marketing (strategy, scheduling, content creation, subscriber database management, and reporting)
  • Brand strategy (strategic documentation, market research, management, and reporting)

The Cost of Digital Marketing Firms

According to a 2017 survey by CMO, businesses should spend about 7% of their revenue on various marketing efforts, such as SEO and PPC. However, keep in mind that if you are looking for growth, then this percentage can increase.

As a rule of thumb, the fees that you pay to a marketing agency should be equivalent to the annual salaries of two or three employees. Note that this can range from about $7,500 to $25,000 a month. Keep in mind that this range is only for agency services, and you will need an additional budget for any paid media advertising.

As you can see, the cost of hiring an agency is not much more than paying your part-time staff. The benefit is that a digital marketing firm will eliminate the need to manage employees. An agency will also have the knowledge and experience of targeting, advertising, and placements that your staff might not have.

The cost of a marketing agency can vary based on many factors, such as their size and location. It will also depend on the marketing channels that you are running, that agency’s brand reputation in the industry, the depth of your engagement with the agency, and a lot more. So, by investing in a top marketing firm, you can be fully assured that your team is invested in you and produces the best results.

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