Top 10 Best Internet Providers in Seattle, WA (in 2021)

The seaport city of Seattle is the largest in the Pacific Northwest. Thought to have been inhabited by Native Americans for around four-thousand years before the first Europeans arrived, it is a city that has a long and storied history. As time marched on, the city changed, eventually becoming home to such economic powerhouses such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks. They helped modernize the city and this can be seen in the city’s growing internet infrastructure.

Currently, there are five major players in the greater Seattle area. They are Xfinity, CenturyLink, Viasat, HughesNet, and WaveDivision Holdings. The ways these companies provide internet are as diverse as the companies themselves. Each uses some sort of combination of cable, fiber, DSL, satellite, or copper.

CenturyLink has the largest coverage in the area, covering over half the city and offering both DSL and fiber. The split between DSL and fiber is relatively equal with the receiving individual neighborhoods generally receiving one or the other. Even with DSL, CenturyLink is committed to providing strong, reliable service and can found in areas such as South Kitsap, Tukwila, Vashon, Renton, and Mercer.

Xfinity is also in the area is generally considered to have the second-highest coverage area behind CenturyLink. Xfinity is across the nation and is known for having sold, fast speeds that unlikely to drop out on its customers. Though they offer multiple plans in the area, their fiber plans are generally the most popular with a vast majority of its customers opting for the very fastest speeds. Bellevue, Highline, and Lake Washington, in particular, have high coverage.

In total, when it comes to fiber service, Seattle generally has more options than most other areas. There are currently three companies offering fiber speeds with CenturyLink, Xfinity, and WaveDivision Holdings. Even without fiber available, there are still great options in Viasat and HughesNet.

Seattle, though rainy for most of the year, is a great place to call home and more and more people are flocking there every year. If that’s you and you’re thinking of moving to the great Northwest, just know that when it comes to the internet, you’ll be covered!

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