Speed test – how fast is your internet?

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Test your download, upload and latency from a mobile phone up to optical fiber, and everything between. This test is pure HTML5

This test requires your browser’s full attention for accurate results. Run the test when your network is quiet, and don’t switch to other applications or change browser tabs during the test. A few Windows security and privacy software packages can block the test or slow the browser.

You have a poorly written browser extension installed, there is missing functionality


Welcome to the speed test that tests internet speed not just speed to your ISP.
  • A complete test takes less than 45 seconds
  • If you switch tabs during the test, it will stop (blame the browser!).
  • Past tests will show up in this space, so start building your history.
  • We test more than just top speed.


This test

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Computer Jobs, Employment in El Paso, TX

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El Paso, TX 79935 (East Side area)

$20 an hour

  • Strong computer and consumer electronics skills.
  • Ability to use personal computer and appropriate software applications to include billing system and other role…

$62,556 – $80,721 a year

  • Your expertise and compassion ensure the most appropriate and effective handling of sensitive cases involving children or trauma victims and situations,…
  • This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, printers, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.
  • Experience troubleshooting integrated and interdependent computer systems.
  • 1+ year of practice in the set up and installation of computer and networking…

From $13 an hour

  • Must have reliable Internet Connectivity.
  • 12 Months in any Customer Service related experience.
  • Prior call center experience preferred.

Beasley, Mitchell & Co.

El Paso, TX 79902 (Mesa Hills area)

$8 – $10 an hour

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Cel – Device & Hardware Repair Company El Paso, TX

Due to Covid-19 Pandemics, we are requesting all our customers to wear a mask to enter our facilities.
We are taking all precautions to keep employees and customers safe.

Our new business hours will be:

Monday – Friday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 10:30AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday Closed

When you need hardware repairs for your phone, tablet, computer, copier, or printer, Compu-Cel is here to provide reliable service. We’re more than “YouTube Experts” who will tinker with your device—we’ve got more than 20-years of professional electronic repair experience! Give us a call or bring in your tech today for a free estimate on repairs.

Learn More

Click here for our laptop computer inventory

Click here for our desktop computer inventory

Professional Electronic Repairs

Hardware Repairs

It’s nearly impossible to get through life today without your trusted tech. But what happens when your phone’s screen cracks or your laptop gets infected with

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Computers R Us – Welcome to Computers R US!

Welcome to Computers R US!

       Where your satisfaction is our goal”

We offer: 
  • Service… Repair… Sales….Networks
  • Virus Removal / Firewall Protection
  • Onsite Computer Repairs for Homes and Businesses
  • Custom built computer systems (your specifications)
  • Networking and router installation
  • Printer and Monitor repair
  • Software and Hardware upgrades
  • General Maintenance
  • System Restoration
  • DSL or Cable Configuration

About US

We have been serving El Paso and surrounding areas since 1999. We
provide support and repair services both at our shop or your
location. We also offer pickup and delivery. Our experts will
diagnose and provide you with a free estimate when you choose our
in-house service. Please feel to call us for any of your computer

Home Service

With our In home
Service & Repair we
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Web Services Interview Questions – SOAP, RESTful

Welcome to the Web Services Interview Questions with detailed answers. Recently I have written a lot about web services. How we can create SOAP and RESTful web services in Java.

web services interview questions, restful web services interview questions, rest interview questions, soap interview questions
Here I am providing you a list of web services interview questions to help you in interview. First of all there are generic questions for web services concept since it’s not technology or language specific and then we have java web services interview questions.

  • What is a Web Service?

    Web Services work on client-server model where client applications can access web services over the network. Web services provide endpoint URLs and expose methods that can be accessed over network through client programs written in java, shell script or any other different technologies.
    Web services are stateless and doesn’t maintain user session like web applications.

  • What are the advantages of Web Services?

    Some of the advantages of web services are:

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    API Directory | ProgrammableWeb

    Google Maps API [This API is no longer available. Google Maps’ services have been split into multiple APIs, including the Static Maps API, Street View Image API, Directions APIs, Distance Matrix API, Elevation API,… Mapping 3,847 REST Twitter API [This API is no longer available. It has been split into multiple APIs, including the Twitter Ads API, Twitter Search Tweets API, and Twitter Direct Message API.
    This profile is maintained for… Social 2,360 YouTube API The Data API allows users to integrate their program with YouTube and allow it to perform many of the operations available on the website. It provides the capability to search for videos, retrieve… Video 2,238 REST Flickr API The Flickr API can be used to retrieve photos from the Flickr photo sharing service using a variety of feeds – public photos and videos, favorites, friends, group pools, discussions, and more. The… Photos 833 REST Facebook
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    Java SOAP Web Services Tutorial

    In this tutorial you will learn about java soap web services.

    In my previous tutorial I have given the basic overview of web services. I would recommend you to read it first.

    Read: Java Web Services Tutorial

    Java SOAP Web Services


    SOAP is the short form of Simple Object Access Protocol. It is a platform independent and XML based protocol. The web services developed using this protocol are called soap web services.



    WSDL is the short form of Web Service Description Language. It is a XML based document that contains all technical details of web service. Client uses this file to get information about a web service.



    It is an API provided by Java that is used for developing soap web services.


    Advantages and Disadvantages of SOAP Web Services


    It defines its own security and it is highly secure. Mainly used where security is major concern

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    40+ Dazzling Digital Marketing Statistics

    Digital Marketing Stats

    1. Global digital and alternative media revenues grew an estimated 11.6% in 2018, amounting to $496.08 billion in total.

    (PQ Media)
    Digital and alternative media such as smart-technology advertising, micro-influencer marketing, and video advertising are increasingly successful at converting leads. Any business operating in the current global economic climate ought to tune in and learn how to leverage this technology. Digital advertising includes email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, social PPC, content marketing, and display marketing. For businesses who know what they are doing, this digital advertising revenue is worth every penny.

    2. By 2020, B2B digital commerce revenues will almost double, accounting for around half of all B2B revenues.

    In a recent study, Accenture Interactive surveyed more than 1000 B2B sales executives to gain a better understanding of the latest trends in digital commerce. In 2018 and 2019, Accenture estimates that digital commerce will comprise

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    Malawi court dismisses Bushiris’ application for magistrate’s recusal

    Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary.

    • The Bushiris have lost their bid to have Magistrate Patrick Chirwa recused from their extradition hearing in Malawi.
    • The pair is wanted in South Africa in connection with a fraud and money laundering case.
    • Their lawyer now wants the court to treat the case as a civil proceeding not a criminal one.

    The magistrate’s court in Lilongwe, Malawi, has dismissed a bid by self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary Bushiri, for the recusal of the presiding officer in the pair’s extradition hearing.

    Magistrate Patrick Chirwa said there were no sufficient grounds for a recusal.

    This after the defence made an application on behalf of the Bushiris for Chirwa’s recusal on Monday afternoon, arguing the case was moved from the previous magistrate, Viva Nyimba, to Chirwa, without alerting them.

    News24 earlier reported that Bushiri’s lawyer, Wapona Kita, was ready to proceed

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    National Digital Forecast Database XML/SOAP Service

    NOAA’s National Weather Service offers several XML services
    |Forecasts||Watch/warnings||Current Observations||Tropical Cyclone Advisories||Storm Prediction Center Forecast Products||Change Notices|

    1. What is NDFD XML?
    2. Why provide an NDFD XML service?
    3. How often is NDFD XML updated?
    4. How is NDFD XML generated?
    5. What does NDFD XML contain?
    6. How Do You Use the Web Service?
    7. What if I need lots of NDFD data or find
      the web service too slow?
    8. What if I prefer to use REST to access
      NDFD web services?
    9. NWS XML Services Change Notices

    What is NDFD XML?

    National Digital Forecast
    Database (NDFD) Extensible Markup Language (XML) is a service
    providing the public, government agencies, and commercial enterprises
    with data from the National Weather Service’s (NWS) digital
    forecast database.   This service, which is defined in a Service
    Description Document, provides NWS customers and partners
    the ability

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