The Meaning of Beep Lesson Plan: A Context Clues Game

Grade Levels: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12

This lesson plan, adaptable for all BrainPOP topics, challenges students to play a game called The Meaning of Beep in which they use context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word associated with a BrainPOP movie topic. The game presents three sentences, one at a time, for which students identify the meaning of “Beep”–a placeholder for a missing word. Each consecutive sentence provides more context clues than the previous, so by the third sentence–which is strongly tied to the movie–students should be successful in identifying the meaning of “Beep.”  We suggest playing this game after watching the related BrainPOP movie.

Students will:

  1. Discuss and recognize the value of using context clues.
  2. Watch movie associated with the game.
  3. Use context clues to identify the meaning of an unknown word.
  4. Identify synonyms and assess whether they make sense in context.
  5. Create their own version
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Engineering and Design Process Lesson Plan: Paper Cup Telephone

In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades K-3, students watch the BrainPOP movie Engineering and Design Process and discover that engineering is an area of science that explores designing, building, and improving things to solve problems and that engineers do this by brainstorming ideas, making a plan, and testing and improving their designs. Then they will collaborate to design a paper cup telephone.


Students will:

  1. Review the steps of the engineering and design process
  2. Brainstorm solutions for a paper cup telephone and select one
  3. Make a paper cup telephone and test it (improve the design if necessary)
  4. Share their paper cup telephones


  • Internet access for BrainPOP Jr.
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Paper cups of different weights and sizes
  • String of different lengths and thickness
  • Paper clips

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Ask students what they think of when they hear the word engineering or engineer. Jot their ideas on the whiteboard. Briefly explain that
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Jackie Robinson Lesson Plan: Honoring a Hero

This lesson plan, adaptable for grades K-3, is built around the BrainPOP Jr. topic Jackie Robinson. Students will explore the life and accomplishments of one of baseball’s greatest heroes. Then they will create a presentation about a hero of their choice.

Students will:

  1. Share what they know about Jackie Robinson using a KWL chart.
  2. Watch a movie about Jackie Robinson.
  3. Use Make-a-Map to identify examples of what made Robinson a hero.
  4. Research, create, and present a hero of their choice.


segregation, discrimination, rookie, legacy

Lesson Procedure:

  1. Ask students what they know about Jackie Robinson. Encourage them to share whatever they know, even if it’s just that they know he played baseball. Jot their responses in the K column of the KWL chart.
  2. Next, share information from the Jackie Robinson Background. After sharing, ask students what they still would like to know about the baseball great. Write
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CCSS.ELA-Literacy.WHST.11-12.6 Archives | BrainPOP Educators

Use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products in response to ongoing feedback, including new arguments or information.

George Washington Carver Lesson Plan: Identifying Problem and Solution

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In this lesson plan, adaptable for grades 3-12, students explore BrainPOP resources to learn about the world-famous botanist George Washington Carver and how his ideas and inventions solved a range of…

Ethics Lesson Plan: Determining What is Right and Solving Conflicts

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In this ethics lesson plan, which is adaptable for grades 3-12, students will use BrainPOP resources to explore the basics of ethics and morality. They will reflect on how we determine what is right a…

U.S. History Lesson Plan: Exploring Cause and Effect

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In this U.S. History lesson plan, which is adaptable

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Classroom Activities: Hibernation | BrainPOP Educators

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Hibernation topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Pajama Day
Host a Pajama Day, where students imagine what it would be like to sleep through the winter. First, have students research the change in hibernating animals’ body temperature, heart rate, and breaths per minute. Have students lie down on the carpet and count how many times they breathe per minute. Have them imagine what it would be like to breathe only once or twice per minute. Take one student’s pulse, which should be anywhere between 80 and 130 beats per minute. Now have the student imagine that his or her heart was beating only 5-10 times per minute, like a hibernating animal’s. Have the students think about how hungry they are for breakfast in the morning, and imagine how important food is for animals that are preparing for a long hibernation. Have students write or

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Virtual Labs Lesson Plan: Understanding Water Activity

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Digital Citizenship Spotlight | BrainPOP Educators

Now that the school year is in full swing, remember to check out the BrainPOP Spotlight on Digital Citizenship.  More than ever, classrooms are going digital, and it’s our job as teachers to help students understand appropriate online behavior and the importance of interacting respectfully.

From Copyright and Plagiarism to Cyberbullying and Internet Search, the Digital Citizen Spotlight provides a collection of useful content to help students understand their role as digital citizens.  A thorough exploration of the Spotlight page can provide a roadmap for navigating the wild, wild world of the web.  Your students will learn a lot, and you will too!

Once you’ve explored the Spotlight page and clicked through to its specific topics,  be sure to visit each “Lesson Plans and Teaching Ideas” page.  These pages feature topic-specific lesson plans, graphic organizers, movies, and quizzes that you can customize and remix to use with your own students.

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ATM’s application for secret ballot in motion of no confidence in Ramaphosa dismissed with costs

President Cyril Ramaphosa.

  • The ATM’s application to review National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise’s decision for an open ballot in a motion of no confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa has been dismissed with cost.
  • The Western Cape High Court found Modise’s decision was “unimpeachable”.
  • The motion was postponed late in 2020, pending the court proceedings, and the new date is yet to be determined.

The Western Cape High Court dismissed the ATM’s application to review National Assembly Speaker Thandi Modise’s decision for an open ballot in a vote of no confidence in President Cyril Ramaphosa.

After the ATM lodged the motion in February 2020, it also asked Modise that the vote be via secret ballot. Modise declined, saying the party did not provide evidence of “a highly charged atmosphere, intimidation of any member or any demonstrable evidence of threats against the lives of members and their families, which may

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Top Tech Penny Stocks for Q2 2021


As Sanjeev Gupta Rose From Trader to Tycoon, Several Banks Backed Away

(Bloomberg) — British industrialist Sanjeev Gupta’s companies seemed to be prospering until his main lender, Greensill Capital, imploded last month. But long before Greensill collapsed, several banks had cut off the commodity trading business of Gupta’s Liberty House Group.Four banks stopped working with Gupta’s commodity trading business, starting in 2016, after they became concerned about what they perceived to be problems in bills of lading – shipping receipts that give the holder the right to take possession of a cargo – or other paperwork provided by Liberty, according to interviews with 18 people directly involved in the trades, as well as internal communications seen by Bloomberg News. The banks include Sberbank PJSC, Macquarie Group Ltd., Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ICBC Standard Bank. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. also stopped working with Gupta’s companies around that time.In 2018,

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Spytech Spy Software – Computer Monitoring Software

Our most popular and award-winning spy software for over 21 years, SpyAgent’s unmatched feature-set invisibly monitors all computer usage and internet activity. Combining over 20 essential computer monitoring tools with cloud and email-based remote activity log viewing, instant behavior alert notifications and filtering, and graphical “top 10” reports, SpyAgent allows you to record, see, and respond to everything that happens on your computer. Put your worries to rest today with SpyAgent!

Remotely installable cloud-based computer monitoring software, Realtime-Spy gives you the ability to monitor your PC or MAC from ANYWHERE. Realtime-Spy’s robust monitoring features allow you to see what users are doing and typing in real-time from any web-browser. Realtime-Spy captures screenshots of user activity and records keystrokes, websites and applications, chats and emails, file system usage, and much more. Graphical Top 10 reports summarize popular activities. Also Available for Android!

NetVizor can be remotely deployed across

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