Why Micron Technology Stock Is Rising


3 “Strong Buy” Dividend Stocks Yielding Around 7%

These past 12 months have seen the S&P 500 return its best performance ever – an 80% gain as of the end of March. But are the good times wrapping up? Some historical data would suggest that the bulls will keep running. Since 1950, the market has seen 9 sustained, year-long runs with a rolling return of 30% or better on the S&P 500. These periods have seen an average one-year gain of 40% (the median has been 34%) – and none of these bull markets has ever ended in its second year. But investors should not expect the same sky-high returns in the coming 12 months as they have just seen in the last, according to Callie Cox, a senior investment strategist at Ally Invest. “[I]t’s typical for the bull market to lose a little bit of steam going into

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Wireless Internet Service Provider | Ranch WiFi

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Expensive, slow, unreliable internet is a thing of the past. With RANCH WIFI you get a high speed connection with low latency and NO data limits. Stream music and movies with speeds up to 30 Mbps. Experience the internet the way it was meant to be.

Don’t suffer through slow speeds just because you choose to live or work in the rural fringe. RANCH WIFI delivers high speed internet access where cable, phone, and satellite do not. If you want better internet service, RANCH WIFI can help you.

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E-cycle Missouri

Welcome to e-cycle Missouri!

If you have an outdated computer or two in your basement or old cell phones packed away in a box, you’re not alone. According to a study by the Consumer Electronics Association, Americans own approximately 24 electronic products per household. With a constant supply of newer, faster electronic products on the market, older models are continually replaced. As a result, electronics have become one of the fastest growing waste streams.

Why Recycle?

How Can E-cycle Missouri Help?

E-cycle Missouri is a program designed by private, public and nonprofit recyclers, federal, state and local governments, manufacturers, environmental groups and retail organizations to provide you with the how and where information you need to recycle your electronics.  We provide electronic equipment recyclers and demanufacturers with best management practices for collecting, processing and transporting e-scrap in Missouri in a way that protects

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The Pandemic Helped Some Marketers Kick This Digital Marketing Habit

It’s highly encouraging to see marketers take a closer look at their digital ad spending and ask harder questions. Many of them paused digital marketing in 2020 due to the pandemic and are being more thoughtful and careful about what they turn back on in 2021, especially in anticipation of tighter budgets going forward and also closer scrutiny from CEOs, CFO’s and compliance officers. 

Airbnb cut $800 million in ad spending in 2020. Brian Chesky, CEO, said on their most recent quarterly earnings call “What the pandemic showed is we can take marketing down to zero and still have 95% of the same traffic as the year before. So we’re not going to forget that lesson. The previous KPI was just about how do you buy cheaper media” [1]. “In Q4, more than 90% of our traffic was direct or unpaid. Accordingly, performance marketing spend in 2021 will be substantially

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Digital Marketing Job Description Sample

This digital marketing job description sample can help you assemble a listing that will attract the most – and most qualified – marketing candidates. Get the best results by keeping this outline’s general structure and organization, and revising it with the specific job duties and requirements of your open position. You can also take a look at our digital marketing job listings for more ideas on creating the best ad.

Digital Marketing

[Intro paragraph] Job seekers love a description that begins with an introductory paragraph telling them a little bit about your company and working environment. Take two or three sentences to shape your recruiting pitch for the ideal candidate, and you’ll set your company apart from competing listings.

Digital Marketing Job Responsibilities:

  • Plans and executes all web, SEO/SEM, database marketing, email, social media, and display advertising campaigns.
  • Designs, builds, and maintains our social media presence.
  • Measures and reports performance
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