Top 10 Best Internet Providers in Petaluma, CA (in 2021)

The largest cable and internet provider in the nation, Xfinity holds that title for good reason. Currently found in 40 states and serving over 100 million Americans, Xfinity has cemented itself as a company that can provide fast, reliable connections. First offering internet service in 1996, Xfinity has kept up with the times, constantly updating and upgrading their lines as more and more households are looking to connect to their favorite sites, streaming services, and gaming communities. 

When first connecting to the Xfinity network, customers are going to have multiple options to choose from. Firstly, Xfinity does not necessarily lock a prospective customer in a contract. The company offers both contract and non-contract options depending on their needs. With multiple plans available, from basic to lightning-fast speeds, there is an option for every household, every need, and every budget. Each of these is priced differently based on whether or not

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Top 9 Internet Providers in Petaluma, CA (May 2021)

Internet Access in Petaluma, California

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) has the strongest coverage footprint in Petaluma. HughesNet is also widely available.

Looking at the technologies around Petaluma, there are basically two primary systems: cable (providers such as XFINITY from Comcast) and DSL (providers like AT&T Internet).

broadband competition is decent for Petaluma, and the average Petaluma household has access to 3-4 Internet providers. (3.58 in each census block to be exact.)

AT&T Internet is another commonly available Internet option for Petaluma. They offer mainly IPBB connections available to 96 percent of the area.

The broadband access insights here and elsewhere on BroadbandNow are calculated from a mix of government data from the FCC and private data collected directly from providers, or via private sources. Averaged statistics about speed data comes primarily via M-Labs. Our market researchers have hand-collected package price and plan details on 451 broadband packages within Petaluma as

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Top 22 Internet Providers in Petaluma, CA

Petaluma Residential Internet Coverage

In the coastal city of Petaluma, there are many diverse options for high-speed internet. Some of the options you can explore include satellite, cable, fiber optic, and DSL.

AT&T boasts a fairly large network in Petaluma. The network is expansive, hitting Ronsheimer in the north. Coverage runs to the central area of Penngrove. Service is limited through central Petaluma but picks up again in the southern part of the city.

Through Xfinity, anyone in Petaluma can choose high-speed cable service. This provider’s network reaches Ronsheimer in the north, Lakeville in the south, Windsor in the west, and Haystack in the east.

Sonic.net has substantial coverage in the western and eastern edges of Petaluma, as well as much of the northern part of the city. Like AT&T, coverage is limited in the central neighborhoods.

Residents in the northern half of Petaluma often choose Integra Telecom. This ISP

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Top 9 Internet Providers in Lancaster, CA (May 2021)

Internet Access in Lancaster, California

Information here is calculated from the FCC’s bi-annual broadband coverage filings. We leverage direct provider coverage reports and other private datasets to further validate that information. Plan, pricing, and other data is collected through our research team. BroadbandNow has found and verified 550 Internet plans in Lancaster since 2014. speed averages on this page are based on 41,234 local speed tests. They are meant for general provider comparison purposes, not to indicate top Internet speeds available.

Coverage from Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) and HughesNet, as a rule, will overlap. As residents might expect, the decision between Viasat and HughesNet is common in Lancaster.

Spectrum as well as Frontier Communications can also provide Internet service in Lancaster, often competing for the same customers.

DSL and cable are the primary broadband types around the Lancaster metro area. They are fighting over customers at most addresses and competing

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Top 13 Internet Providers in Lancaster, CA

Lancaster Residential Internet Coverage

Many national internet service providers have large networks in the Lancaster area, offering an array of commercial and residential options.

Fiber internet is offered by Frontier FiOS. This company covers most of central Lancaster in its service area, as well as eastern Lancaster. While several western neighborhoods have access to Frontier FiOS, service is unavailable in the far western areas of Gorman and Fairmont. The DSL network built by Frontier Communications is a bit larger, covering all of Lancaster with the exception of Del Sur and Sunrise.

AT&T brings fiber internet and DSL coverage to the city of Lancaster. The network reaches almost all of Lancaster and many neighboring communities. However, service doesn_t quite reach the central neighborhoods of Antelope Acres and Oban.

Cable is accessible throughout all of Lancaster, due to the far-reaching network of Time Warner Cable.

Finally, a narrow part of central Lancaster

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Top 9 Internet Providers in Lafayette, CA (May 2021)

Internet Access in Lafayette, California

Consumers will find 22 Internet service providers (ISPs) in Lafayette. 4 of these are mobile companies.

Keep in mind, since FCC coverage data is collected twice annually and only published six or more months after, provider availability shown in the results above might not reflect the latest network upgrades.

broadband market choice is decent in general, and the average census block can access 4 Internet providers. Averaged out to account for all census blocks, that’s exactly 4.99 possible providers per block.

Cable TV and Internet providers like XFINITY from Comcast and DSL Internet service providers like AT&T Internet are the primary network types available in Lafayette.

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is the most common on the whole. They offer coverage reaching virtually one hundred percent of Lafayette residents. HughesNet, in contrast, has registered coverage to about near one hundred percent of the population. The top

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Top 13 Internet Providers in Brea, CA

Brea Residential Internet Coverage

While having a medium-sized population around 42,000, Brea’s community has only a select number of internet providers, varying on location.

Most neighborhoods through Brea have access to home DSL internet through AT&T. Offering advertised speeds up to 75 Mbps, they extend on both the eastern and western communities of Route 57.

Neighborhoods in northern communities of Brea, around West Central Avenue and Brea Boulevard, have access to Frontier Communications DSL. Most residents get 10 Mbps of download speeds and 2 Mbps of upload speeds.

Sonic also provides both cable internet and DSL services to southern communities around Brea Mall. They have cable internet download speeds advertised around 12 Mbps and DSL internet download speeds around 100 Mbps.

Residents throughout all Brea are usually serviceable by Time Warner Cable Spectrum. Providing speeds up to 300 Mbps, it’s one of the fastest in the area for download speeds.

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definition of Internet by The Free Dictionary

The ever-shifting Internet population: A new look at Internet access and the digital divide.
“Virtually all [students] use the Internet to do research to help them write papers or complete class work or homework assignments,” according to a recent report from the Pew Internet & American Life project.
The Secure Internet Interface includes new worm infection reports, at-a-glance summary pages, information on critical emerging threats and vulnerabilities, and recommendations on Symantec Managed Security Services’ response activity around global emerging threats.
Overall, 72 percent of the typical commercial producers (more than $500,000 in annual farm sales) in the survey reported using the Internet in their farm business, up 20 percent from 1998.
MOABC.com is a leading mobile Internet portal in China with 11 million registered users and boasts one of the top-ranked mobile Internet sites, featuring mobile social networking, mobile games, and entertainment.
The last six years have seen an explosion
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DISH High Speed Internet + TV

*According to a nationwide survey of customers. New and qualifying former customers only. All offers require credit qualification, 2-Year commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay. Upfront fees may apply based on credit qualification. 2 years, then-current everyday prices apply. Offer ends 7/14/21. Early termination fee of $20/mo. remaining applies if you cancel early. Regional Sports: RSN Surcharge up to $3/mo. applies to AT120+ and higher packages and varies based on location. NOT included in 2-year price guarantee or advertised price (and subject to change): Taxes & surcharges, add-on programming (including premium channels), DISH Protect, and transactional fees. All packages, programming, features, and functionality and all prices and fees not included in price guarantee are subject to change without notice. Prices include Hopper Duo for qualifying customers. Hopper, Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 $5/mo. more. Fees apply for additional TVs: Hopper $15/mo., Joey $5/mo., Super Joey $10/mo. 1After 3

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Small Business Internet Service | Comcast Business

Close-up of someone holding a tablet  with screen showing a dashboard including a line chart and other data.

Business Internet

  • Simple, yellow icon depicting a check mark. No data caps
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Reliable connectivity to keep your business ready

In business, every day matters. So, we deliver fast, reliable Internet with the bandwidth you need to handle all your devices. Plus, get access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide to help stay connected on the go. Not to mention Comcast Business offers innovative features like automatic 4G LTE backup and cybersecurity solutions to help protect devices connected to your network. When it comes to helping your business prepare for the future, we’re ready to help get you there.


Process transactions fast.


Handle daily tasks, like uploads, downloads, and email.


Stream audio and video files and browse content-rich sites

Speed up downloads on multiple devices and run backup servers.

Connect more users and devices in real time and process multiple transactions faster.



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