Web Services – Spatial Services

Web services are released under open access licenses as part of the NSW Government Open Data Policy to support new and innovative uses of NSW Government information.

These services allow users to access the most up to date information without having to store and maintain it in their own systems or applications. The web services can be used in multiple ways, for example; direct use, mashups, mobile apps and spatial systems.

Consumption of these services and applications is aimed at advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS) professional users with technical knowledge on web service development processes.

Access Web services for the following data sets:

NSW Imagery

NSW Base Map

NSW Points of Interest

NSW Administrative Boundaries

NSW Imagery Date

NSW Address Location Service

NSW Cadastre

NSW Property

NSW Topographic Map

NSW Survey Control Management System (SCIMS)

Supported protocols

Web Services are available through:

Using Web Services

To use Web Services, you

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Digital marketing – The Economic Times

Omnichannel certainly is a very hot topic. When companies are thinking about omnichannel, they sometimes want to think about distinguishing from multichannel. The big distinguishing aspect of it is multichannel has different ways in which you’re reaching the customer. Omnichannel is that as well, but it should be in synergy.

There is something called predictive learning, which is a type of machine learning where you can imagine data sitting in different places, and a central kind of — you can call it an algorithm process — [where] each of the data by themselves is anonymised. In that sense, you can mix in the secret sauce, so to speak, without any of the ingredients coming together.

That’s one way to do it where silos [exist] because of regulation. There are these kinds of solutions that, increasingly, many companies are thinking about. When you think about all the wonderful things that omnichannel

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Learning Design and Technology (MS)

The face of education is changing.

New technologies have catalyzed an evolution in tools for learning. As schools, governments, and corporations look to emerging technologies to enhance learning environments and improve outcomes, these efforts must be guided by empirically-grounded learning sciences and design.

The Learning Design and Technology program builds the creativity, knowledge, and skills necessary to pioneer the future of equitable, effective learning.


The program

This 11-month, full-time residential program integrates powerful contemporary ideas about learning with emergent technologies to design and evaluate learning environments, products, and programs. The LDT program features a blend of theory and project-based courses, a real-world internship, and a major design project. It awards a master’s of science (MS) degree.

Learn more about program content

Learning design and technology at Stanford

Why Stanford?

Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford is known for its spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. The LDT program embraces that creative energy,

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6 Technology Articles You Must Read Today

Enjoy these six tech articles as we come down the homestretch into the weekend.

Greg Otto at fedscoop wrote this interesting piece about IBM’s Watson-as-a-Service.

Otto writes:

IBM announced last week it has moved its cognitive computing system into the cloud to form the Watson Discovery Advisor, allowing researchers, academics and anyone else trying to leverage big data the ability to test programs and hypotheses at speeds never before seen.

Since Watson is built to understand the nuance of natural language, this new service allows researchers to process millions of data points normally impossible for humans to handle. This can reduce project timelines from years to weeks or days.

The ability to understand natural language queries is a big deal. You can ask, for example: “I’m going to be in Boston. I like basketball. What do you suggest, Watson?” You might get several answers: Celtics tickets, Boston College tickets, Harvard

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Computer Crimes | New York State Police

Submission Requirements

All evidence submitted into the CCU must be accompanied by a submission document that includes:

  • Description of the evidence being submitted
  • The type of forensic examination requested

Note:Be advised, CCU is not part of the NYSP Crime Laboratory, and as such, do not fall within the Crime Laboratory’s ASCLD/LAB Scope of Accreditation.

The technical staff of the Computer Crimes Unit reserves the right to select the most appropriate test method, including subcontracting, for the analysis of the evidence submitted. The basis for the selection of test methods will be to provide the most meaningful and probative results to the submitting agency.

Questions related to available test methods and method selection should be directed to the New York State Police Forensic Investigation Center in Albany, NY, at: 518-457-1208.


The Computer Crimes Unit is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all case-related information received and/or developed during casework activities.

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SPDF – CDAS Web Services

SPDF – CDAS Web Services

CDAS Web Services

The Coordinated Data Analysis System (CDAS) Web services allow a software
developer to use CDAS services in their own application.  If you are
not a software developer and simply want to use the existing web (HTML)
interface to CDAS, then return to the
main CDAWeb page.


CDAS supports simultaneous multi-mission, multi-instrument selection and
comparison of science data among a wide range of current space missions. 
While CDAWeb provides access to this data through an HTML-based user interface,
these Web services provides a
application programmming interface
(API) to CDAS. If you are developing an application that requires
science data from any of the data sets held by CDAS, then the CDAS Web
services will provide an interface to the data for your application. 

Network Protocol Support

US Government Web Services and XML Data Sources

US Government Data Sources

Welcome to USGovXML.com. USGovXML.com is an index to publicly available web services and
XML data sources that are provided by the US government. USGovXML.com indexes data sources
from all 3 branches of
government as well as its boards, commissions, corporations and independent agencies.  

Mobile Apps

As a demonstration of the utility of these publicly available data sources, some
of them have been used to create mobile web apps which can be installed on your mobile device
or accessed directly from the web browser of any tablet or smart phone! The apps are free
and are available at the Google Chrome Web Store,
the Firefox Marketplace
and the Amazon.com App Store.

Developers: To link to USGovXML mobile web apps from

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2021 Best Colleges for Computer Engineering in New York

Computer Engineering is a popular major and New York is the 6th most popular state for students studying this major. 824 of the 15,694 Computer Engineering degrees earned last year were given by schools in New York. With so many options it can be difficult finding the right fit. This year’s Best Colleges for Computer Engineering in New York ranking analyzed 6 colleges and universities that offer a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. We look at over 20 factors to determine the top 15% of schools for Computer Engineering students in New York.

Choosing a Great Computer Engineering School

Best Colleges for Computer Engineering in New York
Your choice of computer engineering school matters. This section explores some of the factors we include in our ranking and how much they vary depending on the school you select. When choosing a school we recommend considering some of the following factors:

A Great Overall School

The overall quality of a

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Microsoft Publisher Free Download for Windows 10, 8, 7

Microsoft Publisher 365 is one of the most popular content creation and editing platforms available. There are a few key features that users should note.

Software details

mac / Windows 10

Software description

Microsoft Publisher is a platform that is used to produce professional print publications. This is an application that provides its users with an affordable array of desktop publishing features that are easy for everyone to use. Therefore, a Microsoft Publisher download is a popular option for everyday recreational Microsoft users, teachers, parents, businesses, consultants, and freelancers. With a short learning curve, everyone is able to use this platform to design publications without requiring a background in graphic design. Publisher is commonly used to create sales and branding materials with a professional look.

How Is Microsoft Publisher Commonly Used?

Microsoft Publisher is similar to Microsoft Word; however, instead of using Microsoft’s tools for text editing, this

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Top 17 Internet Providers in Madera, CA

Madera Residential Internet Coverage

Sitting just northwest of Fresno, Madera is an expanding California city with several residential and commercial areas. Whether you’re looking for speeds that accommodate streaming or plans that accommodate occasional use, find the perfect plan by contacting internet service providers.

One option to check out in Madera is AT&T. Through AT&T, the homes and businesses of Madera can choose from fiber optic and DSL service. Coverage reaches Kismet in the north, La Vina in the south, Bonita in the west, and Rolling Hills in the east.

If cable is the right service for you, Xfinity has several plans to compare. Xfinity is home to a massive network that reaches all of Madera and many of the cities that border this community.

Through New Edge Networks, most of central Madera has access to high-speed service. Covered neighborhoods include Parkwood, Sunset Avenue, Notarb, and Italian Swiss Colony. Service

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