Top 8 Internet Providers in Sammamish, WA (Jul 2021)

Internet Access in Sammamish, Washington

There are 17 Internet service providers (ISPs) operating in Sammamish. There are 3 LTE providers.

Viasat Internet and HughesNet are currently Sammamish’s most common wired Internet providers.

The average Sammamish home has around 2-3 Internet providers available. Averaged out across all census blocks in the area, there are exactly 2.8 providers for each location.

Keep in mind that since FCC coverage data is only tallied up twice annually and only released 6+ months later, data shown here may have minor inaccuracies.

In summary, the widest available broadband options within Sammamish are Fiber and DSL. The prominence of fiber in Sammamish impacts the area’s average speed of 128.34 Mbps. This is 10.30 percent ahead of the average speed for Washington. The mapping and public speed test data seen below illustrate how the actual speed test and performance results differ when comparing specific zip codes and providers

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Top 17 Internet Providers in Sammamish, WA

Sammamish Residential Internet Coverage

The medium size city of Sammamish offers residents some of the most expensive homes in both Washington state and the country. Large percentage of the white-collar community works in management and computer science. Nearly 10% of the workforce telecommutes. It_s a family-friendly community whose residents expect the same services as they_d receive in a larger city. More than 25% of the well-educated, wealthy residents were born in another country. They rely on their internet services to connect with loved ones overseas and advance their education.

Xfinity reaches 99% of Sammamish with cable internet services. Wave Broadband also provides cable internet to 27% of the area east of Lake Sammamish. In the same area, CenturyLink and Frontier FiOS offer DSL to 57% and 50% of homes respectively. Fiber optics are not yet offered to residents.

Copper wire is offered to business from Megapath and XO Communications. Level

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