Best Digital Marketing Job Description Templates

Digital marketing has opened a new job market in the industry. The roles and responsibilities of the profiles under digital marketing are so creative and interesting that it has become the new hot shot of the market. A digital marketing job description is so elaborate and unique from one another. Though the basic skill required for the job is creativity and love for data, the intensity of the aforementioned skills varies from profile to profile along with added special skills required for each profile.

Digital Marketing is not an art of selling a product. It is an art of making people buy the product that you sell.”  – Hecate Strategy

How Digital Marketing Job Roles have Evolved over the Time?

Digital marketing initially was meant to advertise on online mediums like directories and to host a  business website. But with time newer platforms were added like Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Email Marketing and most recently various Social Media Marketing. This gave birth to a plethora of digital marketing jobs such as Google Ads Specialist, SEO specialist, Content Marketer, Email Marketing etc. Digital marketing job description for these roles is unique in its own way with few common traits.

How to Write an Effective Digital Marketing Job Description?

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Digital Marketing Jobs

A Job Description is a piece of content candidates assess before they apply for the job in a company. It is like a first impression candidates get of your company. This content needs to reflect the values your organization possesses.

An effective digital marketing job description consists of a clear job title, briefly described tasks, defined roles and responsibility, expected qualification, skills necessary etc. The more detailed the job description is, the more clear the candidate will be which increases your chances of getting the right application.

Digital Marketing Job Descriptions

1. Digital Marketing Intern Job Description

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Digital Marketing Intern

This is the entry-level job for digital marketers. The profile is pretty generic which includes working on all the aspects of digital marketing. Though the profile is generic, it is the best profile for fresher as the person will get the exposure on various platforms which will give ample amount of experience to know his or her interest and get up-skilled in the same.

A typical digital marketing intern job description is as follows:

Digital Marketing Intern Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Execute the defined digital marketing strategy diligently
  • Prepare the required reports to measure each of the digital marketing efforts
  • Carry out the regular campaign optimization
  • Provide insights to the seniors
  • Stay updated on the latest platforms and their popularity with the target audience

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Any Graduate
  • Good written communication
  • Analytical skills
  • Good knowledge of the basics of digital marketing
  • Good knowledge of Google Analytics
  • Basic knowledge of web development
  • Proficient in Excel Reports

2. Digital Marketing Executive Job Description

Digital Marketing Job Description

Digital Marketing Executive

This profile is suitable for experienced Digital Marketing professionals who can assist in the planning, implementing, execution and optimization of digital marketing strategies. As digital marketing plays an important role in determining the success of the company, it makes the job role of a digital marketing executive essential. A digital marketing professional who has the perfect blend of experience and passion for the digital landscape is the ideal match for this position. Here is a standard digital marketing executive job description:

Digital Marketing Executive Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Assisting in the planning and execution of the digital marketing strategies.
  • Being actively involved in SEO efforts.
  • Launching optimized online adverts through Google Adwords, Facebook etc.
  • Staying up to date with the latest technology and best practices
  • Monitoring competition and provide suggestions for improvement

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Proven experience as Digital Marketing Executive or similar role.
  • Proven years of experience in planning, implementing & executing digital marketing strategies.
  • Excellent understanding of digital marketing concepts and best practices.
  • Hands-on experience with SEO/SEM, Google Analytics
  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good time-management skills

3. Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

A digital marketing manager is one of the most prestigious positions in digital marketing. The person is responsible for the overall functioning of the organizations’ internet marketing campaign. This role comes with great responsibility which is directly reflected in organizations’ revenue generation. The digital marketing manager job description is as follows:

Digital Marketing Job Description

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Devise detailed digital marketing strategy for the organization which reflects the goals of the organization
  • Monitor the implementation of the digital marketing campaign with utmost perfection
  • Analyse the campaign reports on a periodical basis and take data-driven action
  • Collect customer feedback on a periodical basis and tweak the strategy accordingly
  • Improve the user experience on the digital assets of the company such as websites, apps etc
  • Conduct competitor study and look at the ways to surpass competitor
  • Explore new platforms and experiment it for your niche
  • Manage digital marketing team and train them accordingly

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Management Graduate with a marketing speciality
  • Fluent oral communication skills
  • Good written communication skills
  • Proven experience in various aspects of digital marketing such as SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing, Content marketing, inbound methodologies etc.
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Good technical knowledge of web development and technical SEO
  • Good knowledge and experience on Google Analytics

4. Digital Marketing Google Ads Specialist Job Description

Digital Marketing Job Description Source: Online Doelen

Google Ads Specialist

Google Ads Specialist is one of the most in-demand profiles of the industry. Google AdWords drives the faster result for any organization in achieving their marketing goals. Though one needs to spend a huge chunk of money on this platform, the ROI and volume of revenue generated by Google Ads are quiet balancings. The candidate responsible for Google Ads is one of the critical resources as the person is responsible to utilize the budget of Google Ads in a more effective way.

Roles & Responsibility

  • Prepare the well structured Google Ads campaign
  • Use the right type of network and campaign type based on the goals of the campaign
  • In-depth keyword analysis
  • Setup conversion tracking using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
  • Setup standard custom reports in Google Analytics
  • Conduct data analysis on periodical and optimize campaigns to achieve the best ROI

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Management graduate
  • Extensive knowledge of Google ads and Google Analytics
  • Advanced analytical skills
  • Google knowledge on Google Tag Manager
  • Advanced Excel skills

5.  Digital Marketing Social Media Manager Job Description

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Social Media Manager

Social media manager is the most happening profile in digital marketing. With the evolution of social media channels from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn to the recent ones such as Instagram, Snapchat etc. The person responsible for social media marketing needs to dynamic and aggressive to adapt to the ever-evolving platforms.

Social Media Manager Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Devise social media strategy specific to every platform
  • Create detailed social media calendar
  • Work closely with Graphic designers to create creative posts for every channel
  • Do the role of customer relationship manager

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Marketing Graduate
  • Creative
  • Knowledge on social media platforms
  • Knowledge of tools such as the Buffer, HubSpot etc

6. Digital Marketing Email Marketing Specialist Job Description

Email Marketing is one of the old ways of marketing whose glory has increased every passing year. Email Marketer is a person who is responsible for delivering the marketing content in the inbox of the audience by winning all Email Service Providers and Spam filters.

Digital Marketing Job Description

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Specialist Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Create an email marketing strategy specifically drip marketing strategy
  • Set up email marketing software
  • Conduct tests to know the performance of campaign before launching
  • Manage and build an email database

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Any Graduate
  • Good knowledge of Email Infrastructure
  • Good written communication
  • Good knowledge of Email Software such as SendGrid, MailChimp etc
  • Good knowledge of Email tools such as Glockapps

7. Digital Marketing Content Marketer Job Description

Content Marketing is a crucial marketing method. Content is the core of digital marketing. Creating, managing and promoting content is very important for SEO.

Content Marketer Job Description

Roles & Responsibility

  • Create content creation & promotion plan
  • Create content on a regular basis
  • Promote content on various platforms
  • Revisit the content strategy according to the need of the organization

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Any Graduate
  • Advanced content writing skills
  • Good knowledge of social media platforms


Each digital marketing job description is unique in its own way. All the profiles under the umbrella of digital marketing have their own prominence in the industry. Now, that you already know about digital marketing job descriptions, you can easily find make the right career choice in the digital marketing landscape

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