Best Place to Shop Digital & Electronic Products in Shanghai, Digital Shopping Center in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of shopping paradises in China. Here you can find a variety of products with most famous brands. Here I would like to introduce best places to shop digital & electronic products in Shanghai.


Xingguang Photographic Equipment Shopping Center (Lu Wan Store)

Chinese name: 上海星光摄影器材城

: 300 Luban Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (上海市黄浦区鲁班路300号)

Xingguang Photographic Equipment Shopping Center is the only one state-run professional photographic equipment store in China. The business scope covers camera, film and television lights, studio supplies, second-hand camera, color film processing printing, photo frame and so on. It also offers camera maintenance service, skill instruction, make-up training and other service.


Bai Nao Hui Computer Store

Chinese name: 上海百脑汇

: 339 Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District,Shanghai (上海市徐汇区漕溪北路339号)

Bai Nao Hui Computer Store can be regarded one of the largest computer malls in China. Here gathers a variety of domestic and foreign well-known computer brands, including Lenovo, SONY, Dell, IBM, and so on. It offers digital products in good quality with low prices.


Pacific Digital Plaza

Chinese name: 太平洋数码广场

: 721 Zhangyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai (上海市浦东新区张杨路721号太平洋数码广场)

Pacific Digital Plaza is located in golden business district of Shanghai – Xujiahui Business Circle, where is also a major hub of computer and digital products. It is the first computer shopping center in Shanghai and also the first choice for the broad masses of consumers to buy computers, machine accessories, network supplies equipment, etc.


Shinesun Digital Square

Chinese name: 上海新尚数码广场

: 225 Xizang South Road, Huangpu District,Shanghai (上海市黄浦区西藏南路225号)

Xinshangh Digital Square is located in 1F- 3F of Hengji Mansion, Xizang Nan Road, Huangpu District. Consumers can buy domestic and foreign mainstream brand laptops, brand desktops, digital cameras, video cameras, mobile phones and other digital products. In addition, it is equipped with popular cafes and other places of entertainment. So it is an extremely interesting digital square.

The above places are some most famous digital products shopping centers in Shanghai. If you want to buy some cheap computers, cameras, video equipements, etc. you can go to those places.


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