Cable Internet Providers by Zip Code

How easy is it to set up cable?

With a cable TV and internet provider in your area, all you’ll need is some simple equipment, like a modem and router for internet and a cable box for TV. Depending on what cable providers are available where you live, you may be able to rent equipment from them at a low price.

Most cable companies will send a representative to your home to install the TV, phone, and internet equipment. Usually the service provider will set up an installation date shortly after you order the package. The setup should take no longer than an hour. After the setup, the representative will give you a brief overview of how to use the equipment, which is usually straightforward. If you have any technical problems after the representative leaves, call the support line for additional instructions.

If you are feeling tech savvy, many companies provide instructions and equipment for self-installation. For more information, check your cable provider’s website or our internet self-installation guides.

What about cable TV and internet providers’ availability and coverage?

Per a 2014 survey, 88.8% of the US has access to cable. Although cable internet availability does not cover the entire span of the country, its availability is spreading as providers increase their networks. This should be heartening because, from avid gamers to the periodic web surfer, cable internet caters to a wide range of users.

What are the advantages of bundling with cable companies?

Cable companies tend to make bundling TV, phone, and internet easy, which means lots of savings for you. Not only are bundles cheaper than buying the services individually, but they’re also convenient because you don’t have to deal with more than one supplier—that cuts out hassle and paperwork. Use our site to compare prices and check for providers offering phone, internet, and cable bundles.

If I already have cable TV, can I simply add internet?

Almost always! Unless you have a very obscure provider, you can feel confident that your cable TV provider will make it easy for you to bundle TV and internet. They can usually throw in a home phone too. To see what bundling can save you, enter your zip code below to search for cable internet providers in your area.

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