Learning Assessments Overview

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Learning assessments help students understand, explain, apply, and testify of important doctrines and principles. The successful completion of the learning assessments for the course is required for credit.

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As teachers or administrators, you can prepare to help students successfully complete the learning assessments by viewing the video “Best Practices for Learning Assessments” (8:30). When the video prompts you, review and complete the sections in the document “Best Practices for Learning Assessments.”

You can also help students successfully complete the learning assessments by consistently teaching, emphasizing, and reviewing the major doctrines and principles throughout the course. Study guides are provided to help teachers and students identify some of the course’s major doctrines and principles.

The learning assessment software will help you administer a learning assessment and collect results quickly. You have two options for administering an assessment.

  • Online. This option allows students

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