Digital Marketing Campaign Performance: 5 Signs You Need a Refresh

Knowing when you need to change up your digital marketing campaign or just give it more time to meet your performance goals isn’t an easy decision. Sometimes your campaign just needs a few tweaks, other times you need to rethink every element of your digital marketing campaign. Moving too quickly to implement a change might kill your market performance since it can take 6 – 12 months to start seeing an improvement in your ROI. Wait too long to make a change and your business might fail. What’s a company to do? Let’s start with an understanding of why you need a digital marketing strategy.

Why you need digital marketing

All businesses rely on digital marketing to succeed. With millions of people online at any one time and with more and more people at home, it’s no wonder that consumers increasingly use digital tools to access businesses and meet their

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11 Steps to Building a Results Focused Digital Marketing Campaign

A digital marketing campaign has many moving parts that all work together to grow your business. Once you get your campaign up and running with advertisements, email automations and sales funnels you will be able to review analytics and physically see your business developing. From defining your goals and budget to setting up Facebook and Google advertising it’s a long road, but we’re here to give you the best advice, tips and tricks to building your next digital marketing campaign.

So apply these tips to your digital marketing campaign, or contact our expert team and we’ll be an extension of your marketing department.

1. Define your goals

Do you want conversions, followers, likes, responses to emails, to be #1 on Google searches? The options are endless in digital marketing but it is wise to decide what your main goal is going to be in your digital marketing campaign. If you

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How to Start a Digital Marketing Strategy & Campaign

Hate to break it to you, but if you haven’t implemented a digital marketing strategy for your business you are a bit behind the curve.

But don’t start panicking just yet!

In this article, I’ll teach you how to create a digital marketing strategy that works!

How to Start a Digital Marketing Strategy

What We’ll Cover:

With over 3 billion people online, it’s only natural that the current marketing landscape is digital, which is why you need a digital marketing plan to survive in today’s world.

In 2014, a study by Salesforce found that 67% of marketers attributed an increase in sales due to their marketing strategy, while 64% reported higher engagement rates and 61% experienced increased ROI.

However, only 34% of marketers have a documented strategy in place. For the remaining 66 %, they are essentially walking around in the dark with no clear path to follow to generate successful results.

A digital marketing strategy provides

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How to Launch a Digital Marketing Campaign (10 Steps)

Digital marketing campaigns can help you get more traffic, improve your brand awareness, drive more sales, and much more.

But, executing a digital marketing campaign can seem like a complex process. After all, there are dozens of different platforms, and hundreds of different strategies you can execute.

But, by taking the time to plan out your digital campaign step-by-step you can increase your chances of success while reducing overwhelm across the board.

In this post, you’ll learn what a digital marketing campaign is, and a 10-step process you can follow to execute and build a digital marketing campaign.

What is a digital marketing campaign?

A digital marketing campaign is a strategic online marketing effort that’s executed to achieve a specific goal. Usually, the end result will lead to greater brand awareness, more traffic, improved conversions, or more revenue.

The purpose of planning out a digital campaign is to help you

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