Zero-trust network for web applications with Azure Firewall and Application Gateway – Azure Architecture Center

This guide outlines a strategy for implementing zero-trust security for web apps. This type of security model verifies the trustworthiness of network packets that flow to applications. A multilayered approach works best, where network security makes up one layer. In this layer, network appliances inspect packets to ensure that only legitimate traffic reaches applications.

Typically, different types of network appliances inspect different aspects of network packets:

  • Web application firewalls look for patterns that indicate an attack at the web application layer.
  • Next-generation firewalls can also look for generic threats.

In some situations, you can combine different types of network security appliances to increase protection. A separate guide, Firewall and Application Gateway for virtual networks, describes design patterns that you can use to arrange the various appliances. This document focuses on a common pattern for maximizing security, in which Azure Application Gateway acts before Azure Firewall Premium. The following diagram illustrates

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Micro Center in Fairfax, VA

Also Serving: Fair Oaks, Merrifield,
George Mason, Vienna, Tysons Corners, Falls Church

First Store in the DC Area

Center opened our first store in the DC area way back in June 1992. Located in the Pan Am Shopping Center in Fairfax, VA, Micro Center Fairfax presents an unbeatable assortment of computer products. From parts needed to build a desktop computer to upgrading a wireless
network, to outfitting your favorite gaming PC with accessories, you can find everything you could want here. When you come to our Fairfax store, you’ll be welcomed by a diverse group of superbly trained associates, some of whom have been here since the doors opened. “Our customers love our giant selection, low internet prices, and knowledgeable people who are here every day to give advice,” noted store manager Jeff Katz.

The 62,000 square foot store, Micro Center’s largest anywhere, offers customers

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Use Software Center to install programs or updates

You can use the Software Center to install software and updates on any University-owned PC running Windows 10.

Opening the Software Center

Begin by clicking the Windows search bar and search for Software Center. (#1 in screenshot below)

The Software Center app will appear in the search results. Click the app to open the Software Center. (#2 in the screenshot below)

After clicking the Software Center application, the Software Center opens.


Installing Applications and Printers

In order to begin installing new software, make sure the Applications tab at the left of the window is selected. This will give you a list of applications available for you to install.

You may browse the list of all available applications, or use the search bar (indicated by the green arrow) to find specific apps. 

  • Note: Printers are installed in the same way as software applications. They appear as applications in the list,
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Micro Center in Madison Heights, MI

Also Serving: Sterling Heights, Clawson, Royal Oak, Troy,

Technology to Empower the Detroit
Area Since 2002

2002, Micro Center Madison Heights opened across from Oakland Mall off the
Chrysler Freeway (I-75) and 14 mile Road at 32800 Concord Drive. Micro Center
serves the Detroit area by providing technologies that empower the business
leaders of the community to work proficiently and successfully. For consumers,
we offer cutting-edge technologies for entertainment, productivity, gaming, and
do-it-yourself tech projects, plus internet pricing. At our Madison Heights
store, we’re proud to offer our community an unrivaled selection of computers, Apple products, software, accessories and computer parts for
building your own PC – over 25,000 products!

As one customer put it, “Micro Center
is the best computer and electronics store in Michigan! They always have
anything and everything you could possibly need. Whether you need cellphone
accessories or you’re building a perfect

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