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BrainPOP is a great way to introduce a new topic or concept and get kids engaged. To set students up for active viewing, remember to pause the movies and engage kids when a new vocabulary word is introduced, paraphrase what just happened, or make a prediction.



Allow the students to occasionally take the quiz before watching the movie. This will call attention to main ideas and important details that are covered.



Stop the movie after the student letter is read by Tim and have students share what they already know about the topic. You can also pause the movie later if a question is raised, or if an issue excites interest.




Bookmark links of BrainPOP movies or GameUp games for students to watch and explore independently when they finish their assignments.




In addition to integrating BrainPOP into lesson

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Classroom Activities: Hibernation | BrainPOP Educators

These classroom activities are designed to complement the Hibernation topic on BrainPOP Jr.

Pajama Day
Host a Pajama Day, where students imagine what it would be like to sleep through the winter. First, have students research the change in hibernating animals’ body temperature, heart rate, and breaths per minute. Have students lie down on the carpet and count how many times they breathe per minute. Have them imagine what it would be like to breathe only once or twice per minute. Take one student’s pulse, which should be anywhere between 80 and 130 beats per minute. Now have the student imagine that his or her heart was beating only 5-10 times per minute, like a hibernating animal’s. Have the students think about how hungry they are for breakfast in the morning, and imagine how important food is for animals that are preparing for a long hibernation. Have students write or

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BrainPOP in the University Classroom, Part II

Yesterday, we shared how Professor of Biology at Middle Tennessee State University, Cindi Smith-Walters PhD, is using BrainPOP with her students. Check out some more of her students’ reflections below on BrainPOP at the college level.

I am a senior pre-service teacher at MTSU. I first came across BrainPOP with my young children. They would come home from school and want to navigate the site.  As I overheard what they were learning from it, I got really excited about them using technology to further explain their topics discussed in class, or learn new things all together.  When I decided to go back to school at middle age, I found that this site also helped me to understand concepts that I had forgotten or seemed really confusing.  BrainPOP has helped me broaden my knowledge in science.  Topics I looked up and used were Characteristics of Life, the Six Kingdoms, Protists, Bacteria,

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