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Students of all readiness levels and experiences can enjoy and make the most of BrainPOP’s Creative Coding projects. Following are strategies and tips for all types of learners.  

Learners with Disabilities
Learners Ready for a Challenge
English Language Learners

Learners with Disabilities

The following information for para-educators is adapted from the College of Education at the University of Illinois

Some students with disabilities may get frustrated and shut down when learning content that requires abstract thinking, such as computer programming or coding. This happens for various reasons, including not having sufficient prior knowledge, not developing problem-solving strategies, and requiring more guidance and scaffolding when there are multiple approaches to solving a problem. Some students also prefer to work independently, finding it challenging to work with peers.

Following are tips and strategies for to ensure that students have a successful experience with the Creative Coding projects

  • Preview the project and any
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Here are seven of the most promising online courses to

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