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In the chart shown we see the price changes in goods and services in the United States from 1997-2017, measured as the percentage price change since 1997. Positive values indicate an increase in prices since 1997, and negative values represent a price decline. Here we see a distinct divide between consumer durables and technologies (which have typically seen a price decline), and service-based purchases (which have increased in price).

A combination of industrial offshoring, technological innovation and economies of scale have resulted in a price decline in goods such as televisions (-96% since 1997), software (-67%), toys (-69%), and clothing (-4%). In contrast, the prices of goods and services such as education, childcare, medical care, and housing have increased significantly, rising by 150%, 110%, 100% and 58%, respectively.

The observed rise in costs of services may be partly attributed to the so-called ‘Baumol’s cost disease‘, which is an important exception

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U.S. Supreme Court revives LinkedIn bid to shield personal data

A 3D printed logo of Microsoft is seen in front of a displayed LinkedIn logo in this illustration taken June 13, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

June 14 (Reuters) – The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday gave Microsoft Corp’s (MSFT.O) LinkedIn Corp another chance to try to stop rival hiQ Labs Inc from harvesting personal data from the professional networking platform’s public profiles – a practice that LinkedIn contends threatens the privacy of its users.

The justices threw out a lower court ruling that had barred LinkedIn from denying hiQ access to the information that LinkedIn members had made publicly available.

At issue is whether companies can use a federal anti-hacking law called the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which prohibits accessing a computer without authorization, to block competitors from harvesting or “scraping” vast amounts of customer data from public-facing parts of a website.

The justices sent the dispute back to

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US Government Web Services and XML Data Sources

US Government Data Sources

Welcome to USGovXML.com. USGovXML.com is an index to publicly available web services and
XML data sources that are provided by the US government. USGovXML.com indexes data sources
from all 3 branches of
government as well as its boards, commissions, corporations and independent agencies.  

Mobile Apps

As a demonstration of the utility of these publicly available data sources, some
of them have been used to create mobile web apps which can be installed on your mobile device
or accessed directly from the web browser of any tablet or smart phone! The apps are free
and are available at the Google Chrome Web Store,
the Firefox Marketplace
and the Amazon.com App Store.

Developers: To link to USGovXML mobile web apps from

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Web Services | Data | UNAVCO

UNAVCO is working to provide unified access to our Web Services based on consistent interfaces, API documentation, and best practices. Currently, only a portion of UNAVCO Web Services are presented in this unified format and are listed here by instrument/sensor type, e.g., GNSS/GPS or Geodetic Imaging, and data type, e.g., Metadata or Time Series Data. We list Production, Beta, and Deprecated services here. The suite of unified web services will become more comprehensive over time. Our various non-unified web services are also listed here for completeness.

ComputerWorks Apple Mac PC repairs networking web design data recovery


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Building a high-performance data and AI organization

In this context, effective data management is one of the foundations of a data-driven organization. But managing data in an enterprise is highly complex. As new data technologies come on stream, the burden of legacy systems and data silos grows, unless they can be integrated or ring-fenced.

Fragmentation of architecture is a headache for many a chief data officer (CDO), due not just to silos but also to the variety of on-premise and cloud-based tools many organizations use. Along with poor data quality, these issues combine to deprive organizations’ data platforms—and the machine learning and analytics models they support—of the speed and scale needed to deliver the desired business results.

To understand how data management and the technologies it relies on are evolving amid such challenges, MIT Technology Review Insights surveyed 351 CDOs, chief analytics officers, chief information officers (CIOs), chief technology officers (CTOs), and other senior technology leaders. We

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Boost your income with classes on coding, data science

Cooking at home, skipping exotic vacations to far-off lands, and scaling-back on the late-night pandemic online shopping binges – can be great ways to keep debt down and stay ahead of expenses. But you know what might help even more? Earning more money.

I’m not talking about working harder. The last thing most of us need is another side-hustle to juggle in our already too busy lives. Besides, you already have a job, and you’re pretty good at it. But lately, you’ve been wondering what it would feel like to command a higher salary. 

For many of us, it’s as simple as taking an online course – even for free. According to a recent survey by online education platform Coursera, a whopping 87% of people who learned a new skill over the past year said it boosted their career financially. 

Here are seven of the most promising online courses to

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Why Utilizing Data In Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is So Essential

In today’s marketing world, decisions are no longer guided just by hypothesis and past experience. Influential marketing ideas are now determined by analytics and big data. By utilizing past data and predictive analytics, businesses can now generate better return on investment (ROI) and provide insights that can lead to effective business strategies and decisions within an organization, not just in the marketing department but across teams.

Having The Right Data

Having accurate data is essential for making effective marketing decisions, but having too much data can actually harm your marketing strategy if not utilized correctly. You should start with your key performance indicators (KPIs) and work backwards.

Key performance indicators represent measurable values which give an indication of campaigns’ performance. All decisions

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