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Stockplan.com is your home for  one-story house plans and ranch house plans, residential
design plans for a single residential remodel job, or new house plans for an entire
development of quality homes. We offer  unique single and 2 story house plans, custom
garage plans split-level plans for residential homes and more… all created by our
AutoCad drafter-designers.

Plans start at $0.25 SqFt with options:

  • Rush delivery of 3 Full Size Paper Prints
  • Rush turn around of PDF`s sent by email the same day.
  • These residential and multi-family house plans can easily be customized for a minimal fee.
  • Ability to build multiple houses from the same plan (some restriction may apply).
  • Now the same high quality, residential design house plans that originally cost
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AMC PC Services – Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Home Computer Repair

AMC PC Services – Computer Repair, Virus Removal, Home Computer<br /> Repair

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Computer Repair & Upgrade

We offer a wide array of upgrades and computer repairs. If
your PC is running slow we can get to the root of the problem
and make the appropriate repair to keep your PC running its
best. Upgrading to more powerful Hardware and Software is
another great way to maximize your PC.

Virus Removal

Using a comprehensive set of virus removal tools, we make
sure that every bit of Malware, Spyware, and Adware is
removed.  After the removal is complete we verify your
computer is up to date with an active Antivirus to help
prevent another infection.

Data Recovery
& Backup

If your computer no longer boots into Windows we can often
retrieve most, if not all, of your important information. We
can also transfer data between computers and

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Demographics of Internet and Home Broadband Usage in the United States


The internet represents a fundamental shift in how Americans connect with one another, gather information and conduct their day-to-day lives. For more than 15 years, Pew Research Center has documented its growth and distribution in the United States. Explore the patterns of internet and home broadband adoption below.

Internet use over time

When Pew Research Center began systematically tracking Americans’ internet usage in early 2000, about half of all adults were already online. Today, 93% of American adults use the internet.

Year U.S. adults
2000 52%
2001 55%
2002 59%
2003 61%
2004 63%
2005 68%
2006 71%
2007 74%
2008 74%
2009 76%
2010 76%
2011 79%
2012 83%
2013 84%
2014 84%
2015 86%
2016 88%
2018 89%
2019 90%
2021 93%

Pew Research Center

Who uses the internet

For some demographic groups – such as young adults, college graduates

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Computer Renaissance – Home – Delaware Computer Repair

We hope you will visit us at the Computer Jocks location in Bear!

October 2015, We are sad to announce that after 10 years serving Newark Delaware our Kirkwood Hwy location has closed. Fear not, we have not abandoned you.

We have transfered our operations over to the Computer Jocks™ located minutes away on RT 40 in Bear, Delaware. The Computer Jocks repair shop has been in business for over 12 years and has won the News Journal™ Readers Choice Award for the last five years running. We are confident they will continue to resolve any computer related issues you may have moving forward. You may even recognize some familiar faces serving customers at the store located on RT40 in Bear, DE.

We don’t just sell computers, we create solutions

Everything screeches to a halt when the computer quits, so fast computer repair service is all that will do! With

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Home | Computer Pros

Computer Pros is your source for computer and networking repairs. We deliver great service with integrity, quality and care.

Computer Repair Services

You can count on us for all your computer repair needs. Our mission is to become the #1 computer service provider and premier supplier of performance PC’s and networking products in the Northland. Because security is a must, we make virus removal and prevention a priority. We also install and maintain file servers and networks throughout the Kansas City area.

Computer Upgrades and Installations

Ready to Upgrade?

We can improve your existing system or set you up with one of our own. We build computer and networks to suit every need. We have been thriving in the information technology industry for over 20 years and have been custom building PC’s and servers since the 1980s. We strive to exceed all your expectations.

Qualified Computer Technicians

Excellent Technical Support

Since we are locally owned and operated,

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Home – InfoWest

By signing up for any InfoWest Wireless service, you agree to the following terms:

All provisions of InfoWest’s Service Agreement (hereafter ‘Agreement’) apply to the User’s Principal Account and Associate Accounts billed to the Principal Account.

The benefits of or rights conferred by this agreement are non-transferable. Use of InfoWest accounts is expressly limited to the Individual or business whose name appears on the account.

User agrees to use the services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws.

User agrees to follow the Acceptable Use Policy of any network the user connects to, Including InfoWest’s system.

If User is less that 18 years of age, Agreement must be signed by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for all charges related to use of User’s account(s).

Use of InfoWest’s name or logo for advertising or promotion of a commercial product or service without the express, written

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Anderson Creek Club – Home Page

Welcome to the POA website for Anderson Creek Club!

This site is dedicated to and intended for you, the property owners and residents of Anderson Creek Club.

As a registered user of the website, you have access to valuable information, right at your fingertips. The site includes ACC upcoming events, downloadable newsletters, as well as easily accessible documents and helpful information that you need as an ACC property owner and resident.

In order to gain full access to the website, please request a login. The login information will be sent to you by email, giving you access to the site.

All new residents will need to contact the POA via email to schedule their orientation appointment called a “welcome packet”. All appointments are being conducted as a video conference using Zoom as the platform. This appointment would need to be scheduled either before your move into the community

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Glospey Computers – Home | Glospey Computers

Glospey Computers provides on-site support, remote services, and pickup and deliver services 24/7, enabling us to serve our clients on their schedules.  We offer a wide array of services from consultation for prospective purchases and setup for new equipment to repairs and virus cleanings for desktops, laptops, and Macs.  We also offer data migration and recovery services, backup solutions, and an array of remote maintenance solutions.  In addition, we provide on-site training for individuals or groups looking to learn about Windows, Microsoft Office, or other common software.  Our coverage area is all of Rhode Island.

Founded in October of 2009 on the ideal that the cost of computer repair and maintenance should be reasonable, Glospey Computers has sought to save its customers money without sacrificing quality. At the same time, Glospey Computers has a flexible schedule to help its customers when they need it, not during a fixed set of

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Outage Center | Home – SCE

A maintenance outage caused by unexpected circumstances, such as traffic accidents or severe weather. We work to repair these outages quickly.

SCE will be performing important work on the electrical system in your area that will cause the power to be out temporarily. During this unprecedented time, SCE continues to complete work that is necessary to protect public safety, reduce wildfire risk, complete customer-requested efforts, and maintain and improve reliability on the electric system. We do not take the decision to proceed with this outage lightly and our teams are working to shorten the duration as much as possible. We appreciate your patience.

Due to the nature of the work, our crew members work together as a “team” to minimize exposure with other colleagues and are sometimes unable to maintain physical distancing during that work. If you see our crew members in your neighborhood, please do not approach them and

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