Internet Providers in South Padre Island, TX

Internet Access in South Padre Island, Texas

FCC Form 477 datasets are the backbone for the South Padre Island Internet availability data presented on this page. Since launching in 2014, we’ve crunched 2,417 rows of FCC and privatized databases about Internet access in South Padre Island. Our research team has manually collected pricing details for 193 broadband plans in South Padre Island. The speed averages are drawn from 701 individual speed tests from IP-verified customers in South Padre Island.

Spectrum as well as AT&T Internet can also provide Internet service in South Padre Island, often competing for the same customers.

DSL and cable are the dominant broadband options around the South Padre Island metro area. They are frequently overlapping and competing with each other. Cable speed tends to be stronger, but the overall speeds found with either network system are comparable.

Most households within South Padre Island have two or

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Top 14 Internet Providers in South Gate, CA

South Gate Residential Internet Coverage

South Gate, one of the southeastern suburbs of Los Angeles, is an up-and-coming area for residents and business owners. The city boasts a population of over 94,000 people, making it the perfect combination of a suburban community and urban center. Dozens of internet service providers make coverage available in South Gate.

High-speed fiber internet is available in some South Gate neighborhoods through Frontier FiOS. This ISP’s service map runs from the city center to Garfield Avenue in the east.

AT&T is available primarily in the far western and eastern parts of South Gate. Covered neighborhoods include Nebraska Avenue, Tweedy Boulevard, and Hollydale.

Cable service is provided by Time Warner Spectrum in many parts of South Gate. The central part of the city falls outside the service area.

Cable service is also available through Charter in a handful of neighborhoods. Through Charter, service is available in

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South Gate, CA Internet Providers (1,000 Mbps)

Internet Access in South Gate, California

South Gate currently has two widely available wired Internet service providers (ISPs): Spectrum and Viasat Internet (formerly Exede). Spectrum mostly offers Cable service. Their network has speeds up to 940 Mbps and coverage in virtually one hundred percent of the population. Spectrum also offers TV and bundles. As for Viasat, they offer Satellite, with availability for virtually one hundred percent of the area. Spectrum also offers business-class Internet service in South Gate.

Since FCC data is only tallied up biannually and only published six or more months after that, data shown here may have minor inaccuracies. This page incorporates direct provider reporting to help reduce this lag time.

Competition among broadband providers is high for South Gate, and the average South Gate household has 4-5 providers to choose from. Averaged to account for all census blocks, there are precisely 4.55 service options per block.

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Top 27 Internet Providers in South San Francisco, CA

South San Francisco Residential Internet Coverage

Southern San Francisco is a growing suburb of the greater San Francisco area. The city encompasses many diverse neighborhoods, creating a need for reliable high-speed internet coverage.

Those looking for fiber and DSL internet can explore a number of plans through AT&T. AT&T has a substantial presence in South San Francisco. Their coverage area reaches neighborhoods like Hillside in the north, Baden in the south, Westborough in the west, and downtown in the east.

One of the largest cable internet companies in South San Francisco is Xfinity. Almost all of the city enjoys Xfinity coverage, although doesn’t reach the entire downtown area.

Through Astound Broadband, most central and northern South San Francisco neighborhoods have high-speed internet coverage. Some of the covered areas are Baden, Bayshore, and Marcie.

Those looking for TV and internet can consider San Bruno Cable TV. This local provider reaches all

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