Student Choice with CBE of the Month Jennifer Liang

We’d like to introduce you to March’s Certified BrainPOP Educator of the Month, Jennifer Liang! Jennifer became a CBE in fall 2015 and is an Instructional Technology Specialist for a small private school for students with autism spectrum disorders and other high functioning special needs. With 14 years of teaching experience, Jennifer also teaches 8th grade Georgia History. 

What inspired you to go into education?
Honestly, I got into it because I had some bad teachers and I knew I could do better than they did. I spent a lot of time in school either bored out of my mind or so frustrated I was in tears. I know that would usually turn people off of school, but instead I was determined to prove that a better experience was possible. 

What are you most passionate about when it comes to education, technology, and your approaches to teaching?
My biggest focus

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Student Services

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Whether your goal is to continue to a four-year program, jump directly into your new career, or just learn something new, start your search for the program that will best fit you!

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At the college level, it is the student’s responsibility to self-identify

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Unit 2: GameUp and My BrainPOP: The Student Experience

GameUp,  BrainPOP’s game-based learning portal, hosts a wide variety of award-winning games.  Logging in with a My BrainPOP student account activates innovative features that bring a new dimension to game play!

In this unit you will do the following:

  • engage with a learning game.
  • compose and submit 3 “snapthought” assessment items complete with useful explanations.
  • explore the variety of teacher support materials on BrainPOP Educators.
  • complete a round of “Sortify” – BrainPOP’s playful assessment game.
  • test your own knowledge about GameUp by completing and submitting a final assessment quiz.

This unit should take roughly 1 hour.

If you do not have a personal My BrainPOP account, return to Unit 1.

For optimal experience, use a computer with a full featured web browser. Open this course in one window and open BrainPOP.com in another window. This allows you to read directions and follow them simultaneously.

U1 - S2

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