Unit 2: GameUp and My BrainPOP: The Student Experience

GameUp,  BrainPOP’s game-based learning portal, hosts a wide variety of award-winning games.  Logging in with a My BrainPOP student account activates innovative features that bring a new dimension to game play!

In this unit you will do the following:

  • engage with a learning game.
  • compose and submit 3 “snapthought” assessment items complete with useful explanations.
  • explore the variety of teacher support materials on BrainPOP Educators.
  • complete a round of “Sortify” – BrainPOP’s playful assessment game.
  • test your own knowledge about GameUp by completing and submitting a final assessment quiz.

This unit should take roughly 1 hour.

If you do not have a personal My BrainPOP account, return to Unit 1.

For optimal experience, use a computer with a full featured web browser. Open this course in one window and open BrainPOP.com in another window. This allows you to read directions and follow them simultaneously.

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Apex Web Services Unit | Salesforce Trailhead

You can expose your Apex class methods as a REST or SOAP web service operation. By
making your methods callable through the web, your external applications can integrate with Salesforce to perform all sorts of
nifty operations.

For example, say your company’s call center is using an internal application to manage
on-premises resources. Customer support representatives are expected to use the same
application to perform their daily work, including managing case records in Salesforce. By using one
interface, representatives can view and update case records and access internal resources.
The application calls an Apex web service class to manage Salesforce case records.

Expose a Class as a REST Service

Making your Apex class available as a REST web service is straightforward. Define your
class as global, and define methods as global static. Add annotations to the class and
methods. For example, this sample Apex REST class uses one method. The

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