Future technology: 25 ideas about to change our world

Every day, people around the world come up with new ways to make the future brighter.

We’ve put together a list of some of the most exciting advances in future technology that will change our world. Whether it’s improving health, solving food shortages or just making virtual reality even better, these 25 ideas are sure to amaze you.


Artificial eyes look to the future

Bionic eyes have been a mainstay of science fiction for decades, but now real-world research is beginning to catch up with far-sighted storytellers. A raft of technologies is coming to market that restore sight to people with different kinds of vision impairment.

In January 2021, Israeli surgeons implanted the world’s first artificial cornea into a bilaterally blind, 78-year-old man. When his bandages were removed, the patient could read and recognise family members immediately. The implant also fuses naturally to human tissue without the recipient’s body

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17 Types Of Technology used in the Businesses World

The technology consists of various methods, techniques, skills, and processes used together to make a work or task easy. Technology is used for reducing manual work, creating in abundance, make work fast, and searching for new dimensions. Technology can reach where humans can’t reach and do a task which is difficult for an average human to do. Just take an example of accounting.

Humans have been doing this work finely before the intervention of technology. But think again, were they doing it better than technology. A calculation that a human brain does in several minutes, can be done in a few seconds with the help of technology. Besides this, human brain gets tired after working for few hours and have high chances of making mistakes whereas, technology does not get tired even after working after long hours plus there working is not affected by emotions, unlike humans.

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Here’s how technology has changed the world since 2000

  • Since the dotcom bubble burst back in 2000, technology has radically transformed our societies and our daily lives.
  • From smartphones to social media and healthcare, here’s a brief history of the 21st century’s technological revolution.

Just over 20 years ago, the dotcom bubble burst, causing the stocks of many tech firms to tumble. Some companies, like Amazon, quickly recovered their value – but many others were left in ruins. In the two decades since this crash, technology has advanced in many ways.

Many more people are online today than they were at the start of the millennium. Looking at broadband access, in 2000, just half of Americans had broadband access at home. Today, that number sits at more than 90%.

More than half the world's population has internet access today

More than half the world’s population has internet access today

Image: Our World in Data

This broadband expansion was certainly not just an American phenomenon. Similar growth can be seen

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25 technologies that have changed the world

This story is part of CNET at 25, celebrating a quarter century of industry tech and our role in telling you its story.


Apple’s Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone on Jan. 9, 2007, calling it a “revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone,”

Photo courtesy of Apple

If 1995 seems a long time ago, that’s because it was. The DVD player was the hot new entertainment device, mobile phones were bulky and did little besides place calls, and accessing the internet was a novel (and slow) experience confined to desktop computers. It also was the year CNET began publishing news and reviews.

Technology has changed immensely in the 25 years since then. One could argue that it’s continued to improve our lives, keeping us more connected to information, entertainment and each other. You also could argue just the opposite,

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Marketing in a Digital World

Master strategic marketing concepts and tools to address brand communication in a digital world.

In 2016, this was one of the top 10 specializations in terms of enrollments. INC Magazine rated the first course, Marketing in a Digital World, as one of The 10 Hottest Online Classes for Professionals in 2015. In addition, this course was also ranked in the top five courses across multiple MOOC providers. Finally, the Digital Marketing Certificate was the top coveted certificate on Coursera

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Technological Progress – Our World in Data

In the chart shown we see the price changes in goods and services in the United States from 1997-2017, measured as the percentage price change since 1997. Positive values indicate an increase in prices since 1997, and negative values represent a price decline. Here we see a distinct divide between consumer durables and technologies (which have typically seen a price decline), and service-based purchases (which have increased in price).

A combination of industrial offshoring, technological innovation and economies of scale have resulted in a price decline in goods such as televisions (-96% since 1997), software (-67%), toys (-69%), and clothing (-4%). In contrast, the prices of goods and services such as education, childcare, medical care, and housing have increased significantly, rising by 150%, 110%, 100% and 58%, respectively.

The observed rise in costs of services may be partly attributed to the so-called ‘Baumol’s cost disease‘, which is an important exception

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What Is Information Technology? A Beginner’s Guide to the World of IT

tech professional standing in server room

For many people, information technology (IT) is basically synonymous with the guys and gals you call when you need help with a computer issue. While that view of information technology isn’t totally wrong, it drastically understates the scope of this critical career field.

If you’re looking to get a better handle on what information technology is and the many facets of this field, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the digging for you and spoke with IT industry pros to create this helpful beginner’s guide to the field.

What is information technology and what does it encompass?

The most basic information technology definition is that it’s the application of technology to solve business or organizational problems on a broad scale. No matter the role, a member of an IT department works with others to solve technology problems, both big and small.

There are three primary pillars of

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Top Ten Internet Languages in The World


Top 10 Languages

Internet World Stats presents
its latest estimates for Internet Users by Language

Because of the importance of this research, and due to the lack of other sources, Internet

World Stats publishes several tables and charts featuring analysis and details here below

for the top ten languages and also for the
detailed world languages in use by country.

Top Ten Languages Used in the Web – March 31, 2020

( Number of Internet Users by Language )



World Population

for this Language

(2021 Estimate)

Internet Users

by Language


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Fastly failure: Websites and apps around the world go dark

Fastly supports news sites and apps like CNN, the Guardian, the New York Times and many others. It also provides content delivery for Twitch, Pinterest, HBO Max, Hulu, Reddit, Spotify (SPOT) and other services. The outage took down other major internet platforms and sites, including Amazon, Target, and the UK government website — Gov.uk.
The problem was caused by an outage at Fastly (FSLY), a cloud service provider. The company said on its service status website (which was working) Tuesday morning it had identified the problem and fixed the issue. Service for sites and apps started to be restored around 7 a.m. ET, although Fastly said some customers may experience longer load times as a residual effect of the problem.

The outage affected dozens of countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, as well as South Africa. Fastly said it had identified a service configuration … Read More

A Marketing Makeover: In post-pandemic world, digital marketing, influencers & social media integral to promote business

It’s clear that in the post-pandemic world, digital marketing has become a must for every company, and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook have become the new platforms for promoting business through paid ads. We spoke with digital media marketing agencies and social media platforms to get the full picture of the trend.

By Reya Mehrotra

Ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, the internet has been instrumental in keeping the world up and running. Social media especially has become the fuel that has helped businesses and brands thrive, with many investing heavily in digital marketing to widen their reach. Today, more and more businesses are harnessing the potential of the medium to market themselves. “We witnessed seven times growth last year,” says Mumbai-based Rohit Reddy, founder, EiPi Media, an influencer marketing agency, which has created campaigns for brands like Domino’s, Maggi, Nescafé, Pizza Hut, Lenskart, Mamaearth, among others.

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