The Top 8 Internet Providers in Hot Springs Village, AR (May 2022)

Internet Access in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

The most commonly available wired broadband types within Hot Springs Village are DSL and 5G Internet networks and 5G Internet networks. Our records show that DSL and 5G Internet reaches a 92.37 percent footprint in the area, in contrast to the 72.79 percent 5G Internet availability.

Viasat Internet and HughesNet are the main Internet options in Hot Springs Village.

Broadband competition in Hot Springs Village is high, with the average household having 4 Internet service providers to choose from. Internet access isn’t distributed evenly, however — a surprising 7.73 percent of the population are limited to one option for wired broadband service.

EarthLink is another commonly available Internet choice for Hot Springs Village. They offer DSL and 5G Internet connections in 92 percent of the area. Wireless Etc. is another alternative wireless service worth taking note of for 61 percent of the area, although it requires roof access and proximity to a Wireless Etc. tower or access point.

Coverage data analysis here comes via FCC provider-reported data. ISPs in Hot Springs Village are legally required to report there coverage area data biannually. Leveraging our relationships with telecom companies, we are able to verify public datasets against privatized data reported by Internet providers. The speed averages shown here are calculated from browser-based speed tests originating from the Hot Springs Village area.

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