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Tia B | 11-09-2018

Do not choose AT&T they are the worst! And steal money from their customers. I was having troubles with my phone where I can’t talk to people on the phone because it keeps cutting out and no one can hear me when I have full bars. I’ve had this phone for 7 months and I never drop it, it’s perfectly taken care of. But as I called 611 for AT&T “customer service “ they tried helping with fixing the problem but couldn’t. So by the end of the phone call I asked to cancel my auto payment because I obviously need to get a new phone and can’t be using this one since the phone doesn’t work so why would I pay for another month and I can’t even use the phone. So today I seen that they had taken the money out. So I called to see if they could refund it and they said no there is no way you can get a refund because of the terms and conditions. The lady was extremely rude and not helpful at at. I will never go back to AT&T!! They lost me and my family for good sense all they do is steal money from their customers. Never again. They are the worst phone company.

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Molly  | 09-20-2014

Customer service is good. Pricing is normal. The speed starts out just fine but gets slower and slower and slower. Every once in a while we call and complain and it suddenly gets faster. And then gets slower. We don’t do anything fancy internet-wise, try to block ads and other things that would make things load slower. Our computers run just as fast as ever, but internet takes a long time. It’s not terribly slow, mind you, but it does baffle one’s mind and try one’s patience.

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Amy L | 11-22-2018

Its the absolute WORST, speed is horrible and won’t work at times and my kids weren’t able to play their online games because of how it wouldn’t connect.

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