Top 5 Internet Providers in Chino, CA (May 2021)

Internet Access in Chino, California

Chino offers 5 residential Internet providers, and 24 if you include business and mobile. Consumers have access to 5 broadband choices like cable or DSL.

2 providers per block isn’t a strong amount of broadband competition compared to other areas, but it’s sufficient to improve performance and pricing in communities with provider overlap. Choice often varies depending on location.

The plans listed here are collected individually by our research division. The 37 plans shown are the latest of 467 packages we’ve gathered in Chino to date.

DSL and cable are the two primary broadband network technologies around the Chino area, frequently overlapping and competing on service quality. Cable speed tends to be better. That said, the overall speeds seen with either network system are comparable. Chino area speed test records suggest that local infrastructure is is above-average. Chino is 63.15 percent above the state aggregated average so far as citywide download speeds.

Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) is the most common overall, with coverage for near one hundred percent of the area. HughesNet is available for approximately virtually one hundred percent of residents. The fastest download speed recorded for Viasat is up to 35 Mbps. HughesNet offers packages up to 25 Mbps. In general, anything above 10 megabits per second is enough to stream standard definition videos on WiFi. However, it may become an issue for large households or modern services like video chat and multiplayer gaming. Explore the availability map below to see how Internet options compare down to the census block level.

  • There are 20 internet providers in Chino with 5 of those offering residential service

  • Chino is the 25th most connected city in California ahead of Upland, Montclair, Chino Hills, and Norco, but behind Ontario.

  • Explore internet access for communities within Chino: Montclair

  • The fastest zip code in Chino for April 2021 is 91710. (see all below).

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