Top 5 Internet Providers in DeLand, FL

DeLand Residential Internet Coverage

The metropolitan area of Deland is a hot spot for college students and growing families. It should come as no surprise that high speed internet is important for the residents of this region. Because of this, the entire city of Deland can choose from at least one internet service provider, and many can choose from two.

One of the biggest providers in the Deland area is Brighthouse Networks. This network is expansive, reaching the entire city of Deland. Customers can choose from a range of speeds and prices.

AT&T has an established DSL network that makes service available to 96% of Deland homes. There’s another option available in the western part of the city; the CenturyLink network reaches about 2% of Deland.

Fiber optic technology has started to pick up in Deland. Currently, AT&T makes fiber optic service available in 1% of Deland.

TW Telecom is a major business internet provider in Deland. Their services include copper wire.

Fastest Internet Service Providers in DeLand

offers Internet at speeds up
to 1000 Mbps (wireless speeds may vary)

offers internet at speeds up
to 1000 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 200 Mbps

Synergy Internet
offers internet at speeds up
to 200 Mbps

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