Top 5 Internet Providers in Tuba City, AZ (Jul 2021)

Internet Access in Tuba City, Arizona

Broadband availability and competition in the Tuba City area is below average. 96.43 percent of the population have one (or fewer) options for true broadband access. Tuba City’s connectivity ranks at 183rd of 250 cities within Arizona.

Frontier Communications is another common broadband option for Tuba City, offering primarily DSL connections with coverage in 84 percent of Tuba City. Choice Broadband offers an alternative wireless service to practically one hundred percent of local residents. Keep in mind that this option requires roof access or proximity to a Choice Broadband access point.

Viasat Internet and HughesNet are the most common Internet choices in Tuba City.

We should note that since FCC data is only collected twice a year and only published 6+ months after filing, availability shown here may not be complete. This page incorporates direct provider reporting to help fix this issue.

So, essentially, DSL and Satellite are the most widespread kinds of broadband service available in Tuba City. The coverage maps and speed test data below show where the actual speed test and performance results differ when comparing neighborhoods and Internet providers in Tuba City.

  • There are 7 internet providers in Tuba City with 5 of those offering residential service

  • Tuba City is the 183rd most connected city in Arizona ahead of Cameron and Kaibeto, but behind Page, Polacca, and Second Mesa.

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