Top 5 Internet Providers in West Des Moines, IA

West Des Moines Residential Internet Coverage

If you’re looking for the perfect Internet service plan in the western half of Des Moines, there are lots of speed range and price point options to explore. Reaching out to local and national Internet service providers is the first step.

CenturyLink has a huge presence in the West Des Moines area. The ISP’s expansive network reaches the university area in the west, Booneville in the south, Commerce in the east, and Ashworth in the north.

Along the western edge of West Des Moines, Windstream has a network that extends to communities that lie west of this city. Parts of Booneville and the university neighborhood have Windstream service.

With its widespread network, Mediacom is a popular choice for West Des Moines residents. The coverage area stretches beyond the city limits while still including central neighborhoods.

A handful of West Des Moines areas enjoy Internet access through Enventis. Neighborhoods within the coverage area include Booneville, the university area, Ashworth, and Stonebridge. Service does not extend far east beyond Stonebridge. Internet Solver has a network similar to the network of Enventis.

Fastest Internet Service Providers in West Des Moines

NexGen Communications
offers internet at speeds up
to 1000 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 940 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 100 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 100 Mbps

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