Top 5 Internet Providers in Westland, MI

Westland Residential Internet Coverage

Westland is a growing suburban community in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan, giving residents quick access to cities like Dearborn, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. With its proximity to these cities, Westland also enjoys service from many large internet companies.

One of the largest national companies in this region is AT&T. AT&T is well-known for its DSL and fiber internet, both of which are available in Westland. The DSL network is extremely large, while the fiber network is still in development.

Covering all of Westland, Windstream is a major option to explore when it comes to internet service providers. Windstream reaches areas like Joy Road, Newburgh Road, and Ann Arbor Trail.

Those looking for cable service can find many options through Xfinity. Xfinity has a massive network that reaches Wayne Road in the north, Henry Ruff Road in the south, Warren Road in the west, and Inkster Road in the east.

WOW! has a network similar to Xfinity. It serves all areas of Westland, in addition to outlying communities in all four directions. The same is true for local provider Eaglenet.

Fastest Internet Service Providers in Westland

offers internet at speeds up
to 5000 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 1000 Mbps

offers internet at speeds up
to 1000 Mbps

T-Mobile Home Internet
offers internet at speeds up
to 182 Mbps

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