Top 9 Internet Providers in Cupertino, CA (Nov 2021)

Internet Access in Cupertino, California

Viasat Internet has the strongest coverage footprint in Cupertino. HughesNet is also widely available.

In terms of network tech offered around the city, the most common wired Internet connection varieties are DSL and Cable, with 97.40% and 96.69% respectively. Cable internet connections are marketed by former cable television companies, using their preexisting coaxial cable TV networks. Cupertino customers of cable service providers like XFINITY from Comcast usually select cable because of the combination of low prices for decent speeds. (Compared to DSL at any rate.) DSL is transmitted by phone lines on utility poles, and comes from service providers like EarthLink that own copper phone lines. DSL is outperformed by all other major Internet technologies.

The average Cupertino subscriber has 5 providers serving any given location, or precisely 5.96 providers per census block. Still, 2.61 percent of the Cupertino population have one or fewer options for Internet service.

EarthLink provides a common alternative. They offer 97 percent local coverage and a top speed of 100 Mbps. Wired broadband isn’t the only option for Internet service for residents of Cupertino. fixed wireless providers like T-Mobile Home Internet are able to reach 25 Mbps or more over wireless links. Aside from consumer broadband, there are also 12 companies in city limits with specialized enterprise-level technologies like T1 and MPLS. The small business providers listed here include all providers with business packages online.

The broadband coverage statistics here and elsewhere on BroadbandNow are drawn from a mix of public governmental data from the FCC and private data collected directly from ISPs, or through unlisted sources. Averaged statistics regarding speed and performance averages is sourced primarily via M-Labs. Our market researchers have hand-gathered package pricing and service data on 459 broadband plans and bundles within Cupertino as of 2021.

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